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Shenzhen hotel fragrance system scent marketing fragrance expansion machine essential oil
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Shenzhen hotel fragrance system scent marketing fragrance expansion machine essential oil

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Hotel fragrance system for high-tech products, the main part of the fragrance equipment and fragrance essential oil, anuma fragrance equipment is simple to install, convenient management, spread a wide range of incense, a device can cover up to 5000 cubic meters of space, using imported spray technology, built a bottle of plant essential oil in the fragrance equipment, Through two fluid atomization technology (air pump extraction) will atomize the essential oil into nano particles, through its own fragrance system or air conditioning system diffusion to the designated space, so that the whole space is full of charming fragrance, deal with the peculiar smell of the space, create a comfortable and warm atmosphere, improve the quality of the hotel, favored by the hotel industry.

Sweet atmosphere equipment also called hotel add incense machine, oil expanding machine, the hotel lobby and incense equipment, sweet atmosphere system, central air conditioning aromatic machine, in addition to the hotel location, hotel sweet atmosphere equipment is applied to bars, KTV, office buildings, stores, brand stores, 4 s shops, exhibition halls, subway, airport terminals, shopping center, beauty center, villas and other public places and sweet, To deal with space odor and improve the quality of indoor environment.

Features of Aroma fragrance equipment:

1. Adopt full intelligent microcomputer control system.

2, the use of liquid crystal display.

3, mute design, fashion and generous appearance.

4, nano atomization technology, uniform fragrance.

5, the program is simple, the whole Chinese operation mode.

6, any space to add incense.

7, adjust any time to add fragrance, fragrance concentration.

8. Multiple styles and multiple models are optional.

9, WIFI/2G one-button networking, remote control.

Guangzhou Aroma Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2012. Is a collection of product design, research and development, production, sales as one of the fragrance enterprise, Aroma has 9000 square meters of ISO9001 quality system certification production base, 5000 square meters of production workshop and a number of automatic production lines, to provide ODM/OEM customized services, fragrance system solutions, with all kinds of fragrance product research and development and production strength. And has a perfect product quality inspection department and system, strictly implement the product quality policy, the United States FC certification, the European Union CE certification, complete inspection reports, to ensure the quality of products.