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Aroma machine essential oil manufacturers spread the aroma machine essential oil wholesale scent machine essential oil
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Aroma machine essential oil manufacturers spread the aroma machine essential oil wholesale scent machine essential oil

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Aromatic essential oils and aromatic oils, aromatherapy essential oil and incense machine oil, and is generally used in aromatherapy, such as hotel fragrant sweet atmosphere, shopping center, KTV, bar, chain stores, clothing stores, such as space flavored, by expanding the fragrance machine after atomization spread to need to add sweet space, the realization of the aim of marketing fragrance, sweet atmosphere oil is a natural essential oil, USES the ancient distillation, simple sense is oily, Does not add water or other liquids, natural fragrance, pleasant smell.

The role of olfactory marketing is to make the image of visual memory and smell of smell memory connection, at the same time deepen the image, improve the identification of the hotel brand grade, so that people remember this fragrance, so as to improve the impression of the brand.

Fragrance is usually passed to the brain through the nasal cavity induction system, distinguish between the good and bad of fragrance and storing information, the fragrance of the memory can drive the mood, will smell the flavor of watermelon associate summer comes, smell the smell of popcorn can associate to the cinema, park, etc., it is easy to recall happy memories, make popular feeling affection cheerful, And the natural fragrance will make people personally enjoy the beauty of nature.

Fragrance embodies individual grade not only, also reveal the commercial grade, most people have the habit of wearing perfume and scent choice easily reveal personality, drive a bright and cheerful disposition, happy mood, and many hotel have their own unique fragrance, fragrance can drive customers, make people relax, in a stress-free and comfortable environment more easily so as to promote consumption or consumption again, Unique scents can also highlight the brand and enhance consumers' emotional memory of the brand.

Guangzhou Aroma Technology Co., LTD., specializing in the production and sales of fragrance essential oil, perfume machine essential oil, perfume machine, hotel perfume machine, perfume machine, perfume machine, fragrance machine is a collection of product design, research and development, production, sales as one of the fragrance enterprise. Plant area of 5000 square meters, with a number of automatic production lines, to provide domestic and foreign customers with fragrance equipment, fragrance essential oil OEM/ODM services.