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Fragrance equipment Hotel lobby fragrance machine fragrance system
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Fragrance equipment Hotel lobby fragrance machine fragrance system

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Each hotel has its own personalized themes, can according to the characteristics of the hotel, local cultural customs, the consumer group of customers to choose a distinctive sweet atmosphere such as equipment, let the hotel brand more comprehensively the characteristics of interpretation, every hotel should have its own unique flavor, Aroma provide exclusive space for you sweet atmosphere system, custom belongs to the special flavor of the brand.

The role of hotel fragrance system:

Hotel fragrance pleasant, subconscious will be associated with the hotel, when people encounter this fragrance again, they will think of XXX hotel is also this fragrance, really good smell, let consumers establish in addition to visual and auditory memory, and the memory is more rich and lasting.

It helps to increase the hotel atmosphere, improve the space environment and attract customers' attention.

Beautify the space taste, eliminate the peculiar smell of the space, send out charming fragrance, make people bathe in a relaxed environment, play a positive role.

Hotel introduction of Aroma sweet atmosphere system builds the space of fragrant sweet atmosphere environment, is already a common phenomenon in foreign and domestic hotel introduction of Aroma m sweet atmosphere system is emerging in recent years, the rapid development of sweet atmosphere system and bring the important role of sweet atmosphere system and the manufacturers of promoting have very big concern, but there are a lot of hotel managers have no experience in this field, More there is a big part of the hotel industry have no contact with sweet atmosphere system, and know little about it, and sweet atmosphere system industry is very messy, product quality and after-sales chaos, disorderly phenomena such as low price, sweet atmosphere device of a series of problems that hoteliers, sweet atmosphere device does not work, sweet atmosphere equipment not sweet, sweet atmosphere equipment produces is not ideal, sweet atmosphere equipment many small problems, Small problem is much, cannot find after sale, later period management is inconvenient to wait, have to change sweet atmosphere equipment frequently. Increased time and cost for users.

Installation process of Aroma hotel fragrance system:

1, according to the budget of the hotel to install the fragrance system

2. The relevant staff of Arnoma conducted on-site investigation of the hotel and implemented the fragrance system scheme

3. Choose reasonable perfuming equipment according to the size of the hotel's perfuming area

4, according to the characteristics of the hotel to choose or customize the exclusive fragrance essential oil fragrance

5, specialized personnel door installation and debugging

6. Maintenance and management notes

7. The hotel will arrange 24-hour online after-sales docking personnel for acceptance inspection.

The lobby fragrance incense machine, and is mainly used to connect to the central air conditioning system, air system, will sweet atmosphere oil spread to the entire space, the use of central air conditioning system can let the fragrance more uniform, more fragrant and pleasant fragrance, no central air conditioning wind and not put some sweet atmosphere system, such as corridor, elevator room, can choose Aroma A80 battery extender incense machine, Built-in battery can be recharged, can work for a long time.

How to choose the lobby fragrance fragrance equipment machine expansion of sweet sweet atmosphere system manufacturer, Guangzhou Aroma Technology Co., LTD., ten years sweet atmosphere equipment manufacturers, for deep understanding, sweet atmosphere system have been greatly small hotel provide millions of sweet atmosphere devices, Aroma production base is located in Guangzhou, covers an area of 9000 square meters, the workshop of 5000 square meters, A number of automatic production lines, can provide customers with OEM/ODM services.