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Shangri-la hotel fragrance system aromatherapy machine aroma scent machine incense machine manufacturers wholesale
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Shangri-la hotel fragrance system aromatherapy machine aroma scent machine incense machine manufacturers wholesale

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Guangzhou Aroma Technology co., LTD., to provide you with the shangri-la hotel aromatherapy machine expansion sweet spicy sweet atmosphere system machine manufacturers wholesale, Guangzhou Aroma Technology co., LTD., to provide you with hotel sweet atmosphere system, intelligent technology more fuel efficient, long service life Aroma has more than a decade of sweet atmosphere system production, research and development, sales, installation, maintenance, Experience in perfume system, such as OEM.

At present, the market very messy sweet atmosphere system, even the hotel industry in guangdong is also good and evil people mixed up, sweet atmosphere system in guangzhou, shenzhen, dozens of large and small hotel sweet atmosphere system manufacturers, most manufacturers are not the core technology, simply by purchasing parts, simple assembly after selling goods, no QC inspection checks, sweet atmosphere oil consumption big, short service life, The quality is not guaranteed. Some of them have all kinds of small problems before they are installed, and some of them can't be used in less than half a year. It's not the air pump, the atomizing head, or the atomizing pipe blockage. Aroma was founded in 2012. In the past 8 years, we have always carried out the enterprise mission of "insisting on quality and taking the path of innovation and development", and our products have won the favor and recognition of our customers and friends.

The reason why so many hotels and businesses choose Aroma's hotel fragrance system:

1. Quality assurance: The manufacturer of Aroma for 9 years has its own RESEARCH and development team. The combination of each part of the fragrance system fragrance expanding machine is carefully calculated and compared to ensure the coordination and stability of products. You can rest assured to buy.

2, Aroma sweet atmosphere system expansion machine fuel-efficient, used sweet atmosphere system of customer all know, expanding incense machine equipment can use the 3, 5, 7, 8 years, and even can be used for longer, but the sweet atmosphere oil is consumables, hotel to use more than one machine, ten or dozens of Taiwan, the hotel chain will be more, so save cost is very considerable.

3, various styles, While pursuing the core, Aroma will also design exquisite appearance and a variety of models covering different space sizes according to the needs of the market, whether it is the hotel lobby, large shopping plazas, office buildings, small space home, etc., are applicable to aroma incense expanding machine.

4, intelligent remote control, The Aroma fragrance system uses one button network (WIFI/2G) configuration, can be set intelligently: fragrance time, fragrance in different time, fragrance concentration adjustment, liquid level detection, multiple machine management and other specific can be seen in the user manual.

5, 24 hours one to one special line service, in order to better service customers, Aroma manufacturers have special online customer service, to help you answer the fragrance system related knowledge, welcome customers to consult.

Aroma fragrance system technical performance:

1, Aroma perfume machine adopts two fluid atomization technology, can atomize the fragrance essential oil into nano particles, fragrance is more delicate and uniform, broaden the fragrance range is wider.

2, high precision metal spray nozzle, avoid similar to other peers of the hotel aromatherapy blockage, the need for monthly cleaning and maintenance of trouble.

3. Long service life and stable operation of the movement.

4, put into the microcomputer, can intelligently set the fragrance start time and stop time, segmented incense, liquid level prompt, etc.