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No. 12, Luqing Street, the first economic cooperative of Luogang Village, Junhe Street, Baiyun District, Guangzhou


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Fresh air system fragrance machine Central air conditioning fragrance expanding machine hotel aromatherapy machine manufacturer
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Fresh air system fragrance machine Central air conditioning fragrance expanding machine hotel aromatherapy machine manufacturer

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Guangzhou Aroma Technology CO., LTD. Is a predominantly sweet atmosphere equipment, sweet atmosphere oil space environmental product design development and production of science and technology enterprises, the company is in the nature of factory production, is a processing and trade integrated entity enterprise. Aroma's products and services includes expanding machine, sweet atmosphere machine, add incense machine, incense machine, fragrance hotel equipment, hotel add incense equipment, Sweet atmosphere equipment, hotel expanding machine, the lobby add incense machine, hotel lobby expansion machine, machine leasing, expanding space add incense machine, machine space sweet atmosphere, the fragrant machine, fresh air system sweet atmosphere machine, central air conditioning expansion machine, marketing fragrance, smell marketing, scent marketing, sweet atmosphere system, fragrance system, expanding system, hotel fragrance system. Anonoma can provide professional ODM customization and OEM OEM services, as well as mass or light processing services according to customer needs.

Marketing fragrance, smell incense marketing marketing or space environment including give off pleasant fragrance, sweet, sweet atmosphere or sweet atmosphere, make the space smell not only beautiful, but mainly in order to improve the customer experience, increase consumption, to encourage customer loyalty and retention time and promote the brand promotion, improve brand reputation.

Aroma invites the national capital, municipal, local dealers, agents, engineering business, partners, the factory is located in guangzhou, the transportation is convenient, convenient logistics, since its inception in 2012, Arnold focus on development, innovation and development of products have passed ROHS, CE, FC and other certification, passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification. Has a group of professional and technical personnel, management and sales personnel, to provide users with detailed product introduction, product installation and other professional technical service, to provide good services for every customer, quality value, service build credibility, eight years, attracted a lot of charm and loyal, Aroma is the witness of the brand.