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Smart scent machine automatic incense expansion machine Hotel fragrance machine incense production wholesale
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Smart scent machine automatic incense expansion machine Hotel fragrance machine incense production wholesale

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Guangzhou Aroma Technology CO., LTD. Is a smart aromatherapy system, hotel aromatherapy machine, sweet atmosphere custom, aromatherapy essential oil, fragrance hotel, hotel flavored, shopping malls and incense, aroma that occupy the home, cane aromatherapy, aromatherapy system the central air conditioning, complex flavored, expanding machine, add incense machine, machine hotel sweet atmosphere, sweet atmosphere machine equipment, expansion machine equipment, add incense machine oil, add incense machine equipment, Indoor air treatment, space air treatment, smell marketing system, fragrance system, fragrance marketing system technology research and development, production, processing, sales, management for the integration of enterprises.

Hotel aromatherapy is to point to in the hotel lobby, elevator, corridor, corridor, guest rooms, restaurants, conference rooms and other space area expansion sweet sweet scented atmosphere, general access to the central air conditioning system or a new air circulating system, spread the fragrance is wider, fragrance more even, Aroma smart aromatherapy machine APP operation regulation, a key networking, simple and convenient, remote control, group management, Staff management, multi-machine management, intelligent timing setting, intelligent fragrance concentration setting, liquid level detection (not afraid of empty oil), quick search, one-key group control, convenient multi-person sharing and other functions.

The sensory experience of fragrance is the hotel the basic function of aromatherapy, aromatherapy mainly on improving hotel odor problems, through the ventilation system, smell mask method to implement, fragrance more refers to the hotel and create a good environment for the fragrance, make exclusive fragrance label, brand, in the lobby revolving door, the front desk, places such as the lobby above installation Aroma aromatherapy device, Use time is generally in the morning around 10 to 10 in the evening around the regular or irregular open.