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Central air conditioning, perfuming machine, Hotel perfuming system, Aroma perfuming machine
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Central air conditioning, perfuming machine, Hotel perfuming system, Aroma perfuming machine

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Indoor sweet atmosphere system, space expanding the use of the indoor fragrance incense machine system has a long history, but the fragrance in the form of sweet atmosphere rendering, but began in the 90 s, bulgari green tea, the tea fragrance page opened a new chapter, a new trend, with "tea" as the theme, the fragrance of tea, tea of artistic conception, the style of tea, build an atmosphere of different space, in addition, flowers, fruit, A variety of fragrances such as wood have been developed, development, combined with modern science and technology, there will be intelligent fragrance system, fragrance marketing, fragrance system, hotel lobby aroma, central air conditioning fragrance system.

Aroma indoor incense expanding machine, fragrance system, air conditioner incense expanding machine, environmental protection and quiet design, smart phone control, WIFI remote management, 2G more stable remote management mode, so that fragrance becomes more stable, more random, a large number of companies have already begun to use the influence of sensory on our decision-making, to advance sensory marketing. Its marketing campaign is mainly aimed at consumers' vision and touch, and sense of smell is less, in today's marketing tool refinement and deepen constantly, the unique smell marketing became the marketers can tap resources vigorously, this is because the human body need to attract, will trigger the olfactory system, people are free to close your eyes and look away to block a lot of advertising information, Refused to AD fatigue, the sense of smell can not take the initiative to shut down for a long time, Arnold hotel sweet atmosphere system, let's meet with smell in the air, floating in the air the fragrance of intangible, natural and not deliberate, clear can identify, like, we smell the flavor of watermelon juice, know it's summer, remember some of flowers can call out the name of it, smell the smell of popcorn, Just like in a movie theater or amusement park...... This is the invisible gift of smell -- memory.

Aroma fragrance system: the fragrance wafted out in the hotel fragrance, but the popularity is, the brand publicity is, improve the customer's awareness and happiness, the hotel fragrance is not only to create a pleasant fragrance environment for customers, but also a good way to promote the hotel brand.