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Aroma car aromatherapy machine with you all the way
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Aroma car aromatherapy machine with you all the way

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Cars more or less have peculiar smell, especially in a new car, peculiar smell is heavier, leather, rubber, such as petrol mixed together, even if not carsick also can let a person feel some discomfort, a lot of cars are installed when buy car sweet atmosphere system, and most of the car is not installed sweet atmosphere system, Arnold manasseh, car aromatherapy machine has become the darling of many owners, Not only has a delicate appearance, decoration interior, charming scent is to build the interior atmosphere, auto air conditioning for a long time, a long period of time, the air conditioning system will be moldy, most of the interior decoration is leather, plastic, etc., bacteria mite, and a lot of cars are few months for a clean, even some clean only once when the car maintenance every year, An essential oil with insect repellent, bactericidal and refreshing properties is the best choice.

Aroma car aromatherapy machine adopts two fluid atomization technology, the aromatherapy essential oil atomization surface nano particles, through its own fragrance diffusion system, all-round three-dimensional fragrance, without air conditioning, the whole car evenly fragrance.

Vehicle aromatherapy machine parameter characteristics:

3 kinds of patterns

Product model: S50

Power: 1.5 W

Product color: black/white

Applicable space: home, car

Mounting method: freestanding/car cup holder

In addition to select models, it's also important to choose the scent, the sensitivity of the everyone to smell and degree is different, choose the smell that oneself like, had better not too strong fragrance, long driving suggest consider refreshing scent, but according to the changing seasons, factors such as temperature change scent, summer can choose pure and fresh fragrance, such as lemon, mint, Autumn and winter choose sweet fragrance, make a person have warm feeling.

High quality fragrance essential oil, natural fragrance can not only improve the atmosphere in the car, create a comfortable and pleasant environment, lasting fragrance, give people a comfortable feeling, inferior fragrance essential oil smell pungent, there may be long-term use may cause different degrees of stimulation to the human body. Severe allergies, dizziness and other uncomfortable symptoms.