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Perfuming system of shopping center perfuming machine perfuming scheme
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Perfuming system of shopping center perfuming machine perfuming scheme

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Smell marketing used more widely, the sense of smell marketing can not only increase the attraction of the product, but also can increase JiGan, even in some way better than "visual marketing" and "marketing" hearing more effective, because the sense of smell marketing contact emotion ability stronger, however, cultural differences of smell marketing has certain effects, such as, In China, many new car owners will try to hide the "new car smell". In America, on the contrary, they need to strengthen the "new car smell". Foreign countries, especially black people, tend to prefer stronger scents, while domestic people are not immune to the faint smell.

Perfuming scheme of perfuming machine of shopping center perfuming system:

1. Install the fragrance system through the central air conditioning pipeline of the shopping center;

2. Install fragrance system through new fan pipeline in shopping center

3, through the central air conditioning air outlet or new extension air outlet to install the fragrance system;

4. Through the installation of fragrance systems in multiple areas of the shopping center;

5. It is recommended to use large space perfume machine when connecting central air conditioning and new fan to install fragrance system.

Field situation according to the scene of the shopping center, covering space size, spatial structure and so on, choose the installation method, or other installation plan, choose the appropriate sweet atmosphere system, install a reasonable position, adjust the expansion time, concentration of debugging fragrance, Aroma expansion incense machine volume is small and exquisite, convenient installation, the installation is usually hidden corners, The fragrance of essential oil will choose the appropriate fragrance according to the requirements of shopping malls or customized exclusive fragrance.

Fragrance spreading machine uses pure natural fragrance essential oil, directly poured into the refined oil bottle, can not be mixed with water or other liquids, because it is pure natural fragrance essential oil cost will be higher than the market essence water, but the fragrance is naturally good smell, not pungent, will not cause customer aversion and other adverse phenomena. Scent can choose at will, a lot of store managers will not change regularly sweet atmosphere oil scent, such as the changing seasons, the change of the marketing plan, etc., both Aroma's sweet atmosphere oil through the inspection authority such as SGS 15 regular inspection report, SGS test report, formaldehyde skin contact with SGS inspection report, SGS test report of heavy metals, such as national inspection report. It is a safe, environmentally friendly, green and natural fragrance essential oil.