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Wedding studio aromatherapy machine emits fragrance to make the scene more warm and sweet
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Wedding studio aromatherapy machine emits fragrance to make the scene more warm and sweet

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Wedding studio is the main style of romantic and sweet, people to film a couple photo is illuminated in studio, wedding photos and personal photo is illuminated in order to record fine moment, decorate so studios tend towards dream dust wind, for such is a sense of ritual, of life is the pursuit of the crowd, Arnold aromatherapy machine in sends out a romantic fragrance, taste and connotation of reveal studios, Let the whole space environment atmosphere warming up, more can reflect the sweet and warm moment.

The characteristics of wedding studio is beautiful and romantic, sweet and sweet, so Anoma recommended the use of fragrance with flowers such as: Oriental charm, wishing elf, tropical amorous feelings, water hibiscus, Venus, nectar, fresh ocean, etc..

Aroma expansion incense machine originally used in hotel room, add incense for the hotel and customize their own hotel fragrance is pure plant by Aroma expansion incense machine will aromatherapy oil atomization into nanoscale particles, spread to the hotel space, especially in the hotel lobby, the flavor is unique, attractive, aromatic, romantic and elegant, pure and fresh and lively flavor, let wen xiang and clients, delicious. Then the fragrance will be promoted to another marketing model - smell marketing. According to the hotel's decoration style, customer groups, local culture and so on to develop exclusive fragrance marketing program, the hotel will make people have a special emotion, smell the fragrance of people can not help but remember once lived in the hotel, smell the hotel so named.

Guangzhou Aroma Technology Co., Ltd. is a collection of design, research and development, production, sales as one of the fragrance diffusion equipment company. Professional production and sales of hotel aromatherapy machine, perfume machine, large aromatherapy equipment, incense expanding machine, incense adding machine, aromatherapy essential oil, fragrance machine, fragrance equipment, provide OEM/ODM generation processing services, develop exclusive space aromatherapy program. For many five-star hotels, banks, bars, KTV, SPA, fitness clubs, car 4S shops, sales centers and other environmental improvement, atmosphere building, establish a brand image.