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Hotel lobby how to select fragrance system
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Hotel lobby how to select fragrance system

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Hotel lobby sweet atmosphere system is a comprehensive engineering project, the Aroma the atmosphere and the function of the sweet atmosphere system of application in the hotel lobby, elevator, corridor, guest room, restaurant, conference hall and negotiation room space area, such as by expanding machine connected to the central air conditioning air port, or add incense machine independent spiced, intelligent and sweet, time to add incense, concentration of aroma flavoring, etc.

Hotel is a collection of both business and leisure entertainment places, we believe that a lot of the hotel, is sending out the charming fragrance, and most of the passengers lived hotel remember the fragrance, for many managers of the hotel industry, hotel to create such beautiful and highly personalized perfume of indoor environment is very necessary.

Due to the hotel lobby is hotel guest came in the first place, aromatic environmental experience here is to make the guests feel an important part of the highest quality service, Aroma focus on sweet atmosphere equipment, research and development of sweet atmosphere oil production, the sweet atmosphere system services for more than 10 years experience, analysis from the following several aspects to understand how to select the high quality system of sweet atmosphere in the hotel.

1. The working principle of the lobby perfume system of Aroma Hotel

Hotel lobby is the most important is, a guest in the hotel, you can smell the fragrance of comfortable, the hotel lobby can use sweet atmosphere system, using the expansion of incense machine sweet atmosphere oil into nanoparticles waft into the air, Aroma sweet atmosphere system provides many hotel rooms with sweet atmosphere of high quality machine, aromatic essential oil, make each a hotel lobby is full of fascinating fragrance, Make the whole hotel lobby aroma overflow, create a romantic and warm atmosphere.

2, Hotel lobby fragrance environment selection

Personalization is a synonym of contemporary society, whether people or objects, all show that they are special and different, the fragrance of the hotel lobby will choose different fragrance and essential oil according to the personality of the hotel, just like the flowers in nature fight for its fresh, at present, the main star hotel fragrance is: The white tea of the Westin hotel has a natural fragrance but is clearly discernable, which makes people instantly remember. Shangri-la, named after Shangri-La Hotel, has the leisure flavor of Holiday Inn, which makes the whole aroma feel relaxed. Marriott, Hilton and other five-star hotels have their own scented essential oils. If you want to have your own unique fragrance, please contact Aroma fragrance, we provide you with professional fragrance system customized service.

3. How to manage the Aroma perfume equipment in the hotel lobby

In order to make the hotel has provided a steady stream of aroma, expanding the scope of the aroma, the lobby is need equipped with Arnold aromatherapy equipment, scientifically to guarantee the hotel lobby, the effect of the indoor environment fragrance Aroma hotel lobby sweet atmosphere of equipment, according to the size of space of the hotel lobby to select the corresponding expansion device, using WIFI / 2 g connection, realize the intelligent management, Automatic working Settings greatly reduce the cost of hotel incense expansion and manual management and maintenance costs, improve the convenience of daily management, hotel incense machine equipment can also be connected with the hotel central air conditioning system, fresh air system, can also be freely placed, installed or suction top type of perfume machine.

In a word, the hotel lobby uses the aroma machine equipment is the special machine to achieve the hotel lobby incense, buy high-quality fragrance system, create high-end fragrance environment, highlight the hotel's taste and grade, so that the hotel customers to check the high-quality lifestyle, but also for the hotel's word-of-mouth publicity provides an important way.