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Hotel lobby scent machine
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Hotel lobby scent machine

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Hotel scent machine applicable places:

Hotels, office buildings, shopping malls, beauty salons, bars, nightclubs, subway stations, waiting rooms, brand car 4S shops, entertainment places, resort, cinemas, leisure clubs, etc. Let us through the incense machine to create a vivid and lasting impression, even after the guests leave the shop, this impression is still vivid in the mind of the guests, so as to establish a unique and strong brand recognition.

The role of hotel scent machine:

1, It can add incense to space, beautify the space environment, improve work efficiency.

2, To improve the level of service: in a natural and comfortable environment can purify the mind, to achieve peace of mind and mind without distractions.

3, To improve the corporate image: establish a unique and exclusive brand fragrance, let people smell the nostalgia, feel different environmental atmosphere, highlight the brand image.

4, Shaping the corporate image: fragrance marketing has become a new marketing model, through the smell to attract customers, visual marketing is identical to imitate each other, has not met your requirements, unique fragrance has become a new logo, is to highlight the corporate brand smell image.

Hotel lobby scent machine application:

International famous brand machine used in hotel, sweet atmosphere, Hilton, the ritz-carlton, Vienna, the peninsula hotel, four seasons hotel, westin hotel, holiday inn, the hyatt hotel, etc., want to leave a good impression to the customer, comfortable lobby, luxury decoration and high standards of service nature cannot little, but under the condition of more subtle, sweet atmosphere more able to attract attention.

Such as: starwood hotels group is for customers to create a special "business card" fragrance, let every customer to oneself once check in hotel unforgettable fragrance, begin from 2005, starwood hotel group began to promote strategic fragrance, owned by the hotel lobby is sending out the unique aroma, in order to deepen the customer's impression of the hotel, attract customers again. The starwood Lobby is a welcoming mix of figs, mint, jasmine, and freesia.

The lobby of the Westin hotel exudes elegant white tea aromas, mixed with geranium and freesia, calming and relaxing. The fragrance, combined with the lighting and music in the background, makes it possible for the global traveling businessmen to work in a space and atmosphere familiar to them at any Westin hotel. Bursts of fragrance, not strong to let a person feel pungent.

Sheraton hotel recently changed the hotel lobby with a new sweet atmosphere system, before the customer entered the hotel lobby, smell is a kind of apple pie, however, as long as you now into the sheraton hotel lobby, can smell a more distinctive, pure and fresh and natural, such as summer afternoon just under a heavy rain, blizzard of fresh grass.

Hotel scent machine effect:

Many businesses with fragrance to hold the pace of consumers, so that they are willing to pay for the wallet, irregular change of fragrance, not only sheraton Hotel Group, according to the seasonal change, decoration style, marketing strategy adjustment, management requirements, such as the change of fragrance, and every hotel has its own unique taste.