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Scent Marketing - Opening the window of traditional marketing model
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Scent Marketing - Opening the window of traditional marketing model

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Nowadays, many merchants' household fragrances hold consumers' feet and make them willing to take their wallets.
    The Chinese people's diet is about "color and flavor". Practice has proved that special smells can stimulate people's appetite. For example, the baked cakes that have just been baked exude a special scent, and they are particularly energetic. In addition, spices such as sage oil, sweet oregano oil, thyme oil, and lemon oil can also increase appetite.
    Recently, the freshly baked dessert shop "85 degrees C" in Hangzhou is particularly fragrant. Miss Hu, who lives in Fengqi Road, almost passes through the dessert shop "85 degrees C" near Yan'an Road every day. She said: “The first time I went in to buy a dessert, I was actually attracted by its fragrance. After eating and eating, I liked it. Now, if I don’t eat it for a few days, I miss it very much. It seems like a demon.”
    As a representative of the aroma to attract customers, Starbucks is definitely a successful case. On the day before the opening of each Starbucks, there will be free snacks and coffee. On the one hand, the newly decorated paint can be removed, and on the other hand, the fragrance of coffee will spread throughout the coffee shop.
    In keeping with the aroma of coffee, Starbucks has set strict standards, first refusing to use any spices, and secondly, it does not supply any strong soups, bacon and finished foods. In addition, the staff in the store cannot apply any perfume or smoke.
    Aroma marketing is quite effective
    The old saying goes: "Early listening is virtual, seeing is believing." In the traditional marketing model, visual marketing and tactile marketing have always occupied an important position. But gradually, these marketing models have become less novel and flooded.
    Associate Professor Hu Yongzhen, an e-commerce marketing expert at the School of Business Administration at Zhejiang Gongshang University, said that aroma marketing is a marketing model that uses traditional scent to attract consumers' attention and memory, which is different from traditional taste and visual stimuli. It is an innovation of traditional marketing model. .
    When you take a British Airways plane, you can clearly smell a scent that has been in your mind for a long time, and you may never forget it, and this fragrance is only available to British Airways. Only the plane has it. When you relive this fragrance, you will naturally think of this airline.
    Studies have shown that a scented store and another store without smell have a great ability to attract customers. Merchants with aromas are often able to attract more customers. “Now many stores have begun to use the aroma marketing model and achieved good results.” Professor Hu said.
    Professor Hu analyzed that aroma marketing has a great help to the brand image of the merchants. “If consumers often go to a store that distributes fragrance, then one to two, he will get used to the aroma of the store. Therefore, the aroma can not only shape the brand image, but also It also evokes the consumer's potential consumer desire, giving him a sense of intimacy. Over time, when he goes shopping in other stores of the same type, he will feel a bit out of place."