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The Science of Smell
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The Science of Smell

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The sense of smell (or olfaction) is our most primitive sense and is located in the same part of our brain that effects emotions, memory, and creativity.  Our sense of smell allows us to identify food, mates, and danger, as well as sensual pleasures like perfume and flowers/nature. Sudden scents, like smelling salts, will jolt the mind.

The senses of smell and taste, two of the five senses identified by Aristotle, are called"chemical senses" and are sometimes regarded as one sense rather than separate senses.About 80% of what we taste is actually due to our sense of smell. Without the sense of smell, we would only be able to recognize five tastes: sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and savoury.

Humans are able to distinguish over 10,000 different odour molecules. When inhaled, these odour molecules travel into the nose and interact with odour acceptors.Different odour molecules will translate us a different information and caused a different emotion,that's why the scent marketing that people are taking the advantage of olfaction in modern life.

Our Amos Aroma Fragrance oil can provide a wonderful scent matched with our diffuser machine because it can translate the fragrance oil into a very small molecules and make very good use of the fragrance oil without any waste.

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