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Portable phone app control scent air machine for scent marketing
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Portable phone app control scent air machine for scent marketing

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Want to control the scent machine from a distance? There is a new technology with WiFi / Smart Phone App controlled!


You can control the app from your phone, this saves you accessing the machine and manually programming the control panel. For example the fragrance is too strong or weak, you don’t need to do as the old way, just download the smart phone app and connect to the fragrance machine and change the settings.


One of portable phone app machine product S100, introduction is as below:

1: Minimalist design with PP housing

2: With App control optional

3: Portable

4: wall-mounted installation

5: 4 events control

6: 24 hours setting system

7: Work automatically after setting.


Our WIFI function advantage as below:

1.Wireless control by using mobile app. (Webpage control developing)

2. Oil level monitoring

3. Group management (To group the customer for better management)

4. Batch/Group setting (Do setting for all the machines in the same group at one time.)


If you can not find the fragrance machine using the above instructions, make sure you are connected to the same WiFi Network as the fragrance machine.

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