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Wall-mounted phone app control scent air machine for scent marketing
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Wall-mounted phone app control scent air machine for scent marketing

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    Do you feel that way?When you walk into the hotel, retail stores, restaurants, shopping malls, and offices, you will smell the fragrance, and this fragrance will make your body and mind feel happy?


    If you walk into the hotel and it smells good, you will think: “Wow, this hotel is good.” You will choose the same hotel next time or introduce to your friends,


   When you fill-up at the gas station, you smell coffee, then you may buy a coffee when the end of refueling. 


   Are you surprised that the things you do are unconscious?


   If you are in doubt, you have reached the effect of Scent marketing, scent marketing is the practice of creating a subtle sensory experience; it involves using a pleasant aroma to evoke a brand’s essence, boost that brand’s image, and improve its customer experience. The technique then drives additional foot traffic and topline sales.


    And scent air machine it is the carrier of the aroma! Compared with traditional aromatherapy machines, now we launched a new technology that product use WIFI, it means that you can control the machine more convenient,


    For More information please check our website.