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Anodized aluminium housing touch screen control scent air machine for scent marketing.
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Anodized aluminium housing touch screen control scent air machine for scent marketing.

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The customers who are in the scent marketing business will well know the knowledge of the scent machine, they will know which material of the machine used, how large of the noise, what is the area covered, what is the oil consumption or where is the machine used. As for the new customers or someone who want to join in the scent marketing business, they would like to know the more details, so today we will introduce one of the Anodized aluminum scent air machines, it has several advantages:


1. Have a beauty look- the machine shape is either an oval or a rectangle, these shapes will look noble.

2. Delicate character- the machine touch feels smooth

3. Have anti-oxidation effect- aluminum alloy is contact with air surface will form a layer of a dense oxide film, this layer of film can prevent corrosion, so the corrosion resistance performance is good.

4. Lightweight and portable- compare to the other metal machine, the weight is light.


These anodized aluminum scent air machine suitable applications are the decoration is an elegant and exquisite place or where you want to put it.


Anodized aluminum scent air machine, it is a luxury and noble product. So please do not hesitate to know about our products!