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The magical effect of fragrance in brand building
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The magical effect of fragrance in brand building

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Perfume has been used as a conspiracy for many centuries, and it is especially popular with women who want to lure men. For example, the beautiful Egyptian queen Cleopatra always makes people sprinkle special perfume on her sails in gentle moments. Caesar and Mark Anthony are unable to resist this woman because of this depressing temper. Physical and political desires. The fragrant smell is so tempting, today's people have widely applied it to social occasions and family life, but in the marketing and brand world, people who know how to use attractive fragrance are still rare. In order to make the brand grow fast, we must understand and understand the mystery of the smell and the fragrance to design the unique and attractive fragrance of the brand.
    “You should put the perfume on the place you want to kiss.” This is the teaching of the perfumer Chanel to the female customers. At least the famous movie star Marilyn Monroe faithfully put this proposal into action. She told the reporter with the eyes of the world famous for her coquettish style: "I only use Chanel No. 5 at night." In the emotional game of the number one sexy star in the United States, the two brothers John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy completely lost their sense of reason. Whether it is the strong sexy of Monroe or the smell of Chanel No. 5 perfume, it is difficult to give an exclusive choice, at least It can be seen from her experience that perfume is indispensable. The power of perfume is so great, it is fragrant and fragrant!
    In fact, about these, our ancestors have already known. Perfume as a sensory stimulator is particularly taboo in the rigorous 19th century. A solemn mother will warn her daughters in the growing season on a moonlit night, not to breathe too deeply. Moral defenders know that the fragrance of tuberose will dangerously weaken the defense against love confession.
    According to Emotion Branding, SuanC. Knasko, a senior research assistant at the Monell Chemical Senses Center, found through research that "when the store When the two departments sprayed the fragrance, the consumer would stay longer in both departments than if the fragrance was not sprayed.” After recognizing this, many companies have designed for their stores. A special fragrance. Rober A. Baron of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute elaborated on the effects of the scent, he wrote: “The pleasant scent in the air enhances the individual’s current mood, thus Influencing people's behavior. In other words, as informal experience tells us, a pleasant scent is an aspect of the physical environment that makes people feel happier – like pleasant temperatures, attractive lighting, And away from cockroaches can create similar effects.” In the same study, he also found that shoppers exposed to pleasant smells (such as the smell of perfume, coffee and biscuits) not only have a better mood, They are also more likely to have a move that is kind and even helpful to others and good for others!
    In fact, aroma marketing may be as old as a word of mouth, and even more historic. Since ancient times, sellers of open-air markets have used burning incense to attract passing people to their stalls. Today, many commercial spaces have been built with aromatherapy floats to verify the influence of brand scent on consumer sentiment. Dr. Alan R. Hirsch, a neurologist and psychiatrist, has a unique opinion. He concludes: "If you are looking for ways to increase sales, the best way is to resort to it. Emotions, and the highway to emotions is through the smell."
    The effect that a well-designed scent can bring to us is not to be underestimated. Not only can each sale site be filled with fragrance, but each brand can spread a special fragrance through its carrier. Especially by imagining the fragrance will be more attractive. Many excellent shopping guides are fascinating by their own body to attract customers and finally reach a deal. I have heard about an outstanding female sales elite telling how it uses fragrance to promote business development. It’s so sweet and fragrant! If you can apply the tempting fragrance to the brand design, it will provide a powerful boost to the rapid growth of the brand.