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HVAC connected system phone app control essential oil diffuser for scent marketing
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HVAC connected system phone app control essential oil diffuser for scent marketing

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For nearly a decade, Amos Aroma has expertly designed signature scents for international fragrance and innovative brands. Amos Aroma provided more than 500,000 machines to a lot of scent marketing companies that offer solutions and creating unique scent logos.

With the scent marketing develops, the way of the machine is stalled gradually subdivides: free-standing, wall-mounted, HVAC connecting, and ceiling, Now today we will introduce the installation HVAC connecting knowledge.


Why is the HVAC connecting installation machine came out? It can be traced back to the prevalence of scent marketing, more and more occasion use the essential oil diffuser, at first they use the machine that covers a small area, or the place uses 2-3 machines so that the smell can be filled the room. Then they wonder if I want the whole building smell scent, but not use too much machine, how they can do this? So they start to figure out the solution, after a few fail practice, the attention that center conditioning can be used to deliver air to all parts of a building, “ Why dont we use the air conditioning to spread the smell?”


So the HVAC connecting diffuser is produced, this kind of machine has a hard rubber horse is standard, the operation is very simple:

1. Make a hole in the matin/ branch pipe of the central conditioning unit,

2. Use the rubber connect diffuser and branch pipe of the central conditioning.

3. Make sure the rubber is straight that convenience the oil be transported,

4. The diagram is as follows

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