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A80, a small-sized commercial space battery diffuser suitable for multiple locations
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A80, a small-sized commercial space battery diffuser suitable for multiple locations

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The newly developed A80 battery diffuser is a small space, low-power diffuser equipment. It is cheap, lightweight, stylish and generous, easy to install, and directly install and use without power supply, corridors, elevator rooms, horns can be used. It has a long battery life, the 24-hour smart setting of the fragrance time, the fragrance lingers, effectively removes the odor, and makes the air fresh and fragrant.

For example, there are many peculiar smells in the bar, tobacco smell, alcohol smell, and various smells emitted by people's breath. In order to improve the space environment, it is necessary to install the dots to make the fragrance distribution in the space more uniform and increase the space atmosphere. A80 battery diffuser has a pleasant scent, which makes people feel happy, enjoys it, and returns with satisfaction. 

Amos Aroma has more than ten years of experience in fragrance systems. After years of development. There has a modern production workshop of 9,000 square meters, which specializes in the production of wholesale hotel fragrance machines, shopping malls diffusers, fragrance equipment, and fragrance sprayers. Fragrance machine, aroma diffuser, aromatherapy essential oil, can flexibly provide fragrance OEM/ODM processing services.