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Guangzhou air conditioner scent machine fragrance oil brand recommendation factory
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Guangzhou air conditioner scent machine fragrance oil brand recommendation factory

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  • Guangzhou AROMA is a well-known scent machine manufacturer in the Asia-Pacific region, and one of the world's top ten fragrance equipment manufacturers. For 10 years, we have been focusing on the production and customization of scent machines. There are professional essential oil laboratory, scent machine and fragrance oil production line. Which can produce 1000 sets of scent machine and fragrance oil a day.
  • Were a professional scent machine manufacturer that we provide aroma scent machine - fragrance equipment - fragrance system - hotel fragrance - fragrance oil - space fragrance. AROMA in the hotel, KTV, office, and other application places have many cases, to provide our customers with fragrance system, fragrance machine and high quality aromatherapy oil! 
  • Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta concentrated domestic scent atmosphere machine manufacturer. Scent aroma system is to point to in indoor place, through reasonable use of scent fragrance oil equipment, aroma products and aroma fragrance oil that the fragrance of essential oil fully diffuses to every corner of the room and build comfortable and fragrant indoor environment.

Smart App Control

App Connection

Carry out equipment WiFi or Bluetooth connected operation, increase the function of distribution network progress bar.

Control in a distance

  • The device has been paired the WiFi or Bluetooth, which can be operated by timing switch of the device and concentration adjustment of fragrance.

Grouped functional

  • Batch control equipment switch. Batch timing, authorization and setting of essential oil name solve the unnecessary single tedious operation, easy to use.

Authorization management (employee account)

  • The paired device can be authorized to a third party for management, but the third party account cannot manage and control the device until it becomes the employee account of the primary account.


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