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Hotel Lobby Scent Machine Smart Tower Aroma Diffuser Large Area
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Hotel Lobby Scent Machine Smart Tower Aroma Diffuser Large Area

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Scent Equipment

Size: 150*150*570MM

Bottle Capacity: 500ml-1000ml

Weight: 6.5KG

Oil Consumption: 5ml±5%

Power: 4.5W

Color: Black&White

Voltage: DC12V

Noise Level: <48dBa

Operation Mode: Adjustment at will whole day

Installation: Free-standing, Tabletop, HVAC Connection

Smart App control: Available


P4500B: Middle&Large coverage scent machine

Coverage: 2000CBM

Advantages: Free-Standing, Large coverage and fast, Metal housing, LCD screen, Free-noise, Low Power and Price Favorable.

Suitable for hotel lobby and other large places.


P4500 Small Area Scent Machine

P4500 is the choice for small places to create an aroma atmosphere. It has 4 different programs and you can set the aroma concentration arbitrarily. Theres a company independent research and development of long-life compressed air pump inside which the continuous working life can reach more than 8000 hours. Its a fan inside that it will spread and completely cover the whole space quickly.

Contact AMOS AROMA. Start your brand scent marketing

Contact us freely. We will try our best to support you! Choose the right fragrance essential oil for you to install fragrance machine for you. We are here to help you achieve your scent marketing needs.

Fragrance equipment is a kind of small electrical appliances used in space fragrance, they are suitable for hotels, shopping malls, banks, gym all kinds of commercial places and home field space environment fragrance. Extending the fragrance covering space to reach more than 2000m3 of fragrance instrument is called fragrance system (fragrance transmission system).