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Star hotel fragrance machine price large area fragrance machine wholesale air conditioning incense machine
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Star hotel fragrance machine price large area fragrance machine wholesale air conditioning incense machine

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Size: 310*218*114(mm)

Bottle Capacity: 1000ml

Weight: 2KG

Coverage: 2000CBM

Voltage: DC12V

Oil Consumption: 4ml/±5%

Color: Black&White

Power: 17W

Noise Level: <50dBa

Installation: Wall-Mounted, Free-Standing, HVAC Connecting, Fresh Air System

S500 Small and middle area scent machine

The appearance is simple and elegant, environmental protection fashion is versatile. The whole body is made of corrosion-resistant PP material, which is resistant to fall and scratch, environmentally friendly and durable. Highlight acrylic interface, private custom pattern, built-in fan, spray fragrance quickly and evenly spread. Automatic timing perfumer can be connected with air conditioning, aroma concentration time control, easy to control the aroma. The nanoscale essential oil is atomized, so the fragrance stays in the air longer and the fragrance stays in the air longer.

Guangzhou Aroma Technology Co., Ltd. is a fragrance enterprise which mainly integrates design, research and development, production, processing, cooperation and after-sales maintenance. Since its establishment, the company has been focusing on the design and research and development of fragrance products, with its unique design and reliable product quality, won the high praise of dealers and consumers.

Company product design fashionable and generous, on craft diversified combination of fashion design, different range of models meet the needs of various customers, Arnold Dr Digital software lab set up elaborate allocate a different scent of essential oils, can also according to customer demand, customized modulation unique personality types.

Comfortable, elegant, standard, humanized production workshop, strict standards of product QC inspection process, professional and meticulous technical personnel, harmonious enterprise and employee labor relations, to ensure that anomar fragrance machine/fragrance machine/fragrance machine/fragrance essential oil on time and quantity of high quality production.