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Mall scent machine system Hilton five-star hotel scent machine OEM factory production and wholesale
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Mall scent machine system Hilton five-star hotel scent machine OEM factory production and wholesale

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Why should use scent marketing system? What does the advantage of scent marketing system have?

The fragrance system plays a role in the shopping mall. In the e-commerce of the moment, Whatever you buy are can be delivered to the door. The shopping mall in order to retain a few customers that whether it is in the promotion, or in the decoration have increased efforts.

Web celebrity entity stores, web celebrity shopping malls have become popular. Smell marketing has become a major highlight in addition to exquisite decoration style and suction point. When customers enter the mall at the moment, a fresh and pleasant fragrance blowing on the face, let customers feel the natural fragrance of high-end, fashion fragrance environment. Different stores often choose different scents. To customize a unique scent can strengthen the impression of customers so that greatly improve the level of the market. It also can give customers leave a good shopping experience. According to investigation statistics. To create a high-end, fashionable sweet atmosphere environment to cultivate customer loyalty, and increase the store shopping impulse and repetition rate, promote the secondary consumption.

With the improvement of consumption level, people's sense of smell has also been improved. Enterprises are no longer only competing for product quality, service and corporate image. But who can truly lead the fashion trend in the traditional field is the symbol of enterprise success. In this context, the shopping mall's perfuming system flourishes. 

Guangzhou Aroma Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2012. The production base is located in the Chinese and western cultural intersection of the metropolis Guangzhou, the company mass production and manufacturing of scent machine, fragrance oil. The company brings together the industry's advanced talents, for the hotel scent, fragrance system products have more than ten years of technical experience. At the same time the company integrated design, research and development, production and sales of fragrance essential oil. Companies with high quality and scientific quality management system, with high quality imported raw materials, supplies and flavourists digital software lab. Many flavouring equipment, the company's products through 9001 quality system certification, the international certification, inspection report, the FC certification, EU and CE certification. China manufacturing inspection certification and other multiple authentication. In addition, we have technical cooperation with many fragrance groups around the world to create an incomparable world of fragrance for consumers who are pursuing a high quality of life. With strength and high quality products, Aroma has won the recognition of the majority of partners.