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The difference between the scent machine and the aromatherapy machine
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The difference between the scent machine and the aromatherapy machine

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Expansion and fragrant incense machine machine are similar in both appearance and function. But there are some different, the difference between a specific what are the different place, we take a look at, enlarge the working principle of the sweet and fragrant machine different extender incense machine and the use effect of different aromatherapy machine, enlarge incense machine and how to use aromatherapy machine use place have? What are the differences between incense expanding machine and aromatherapy machine?

Expansion of incense machine
No water needs to be added, and no moistening function can be added. Its working principle is mainly through the air pump compressed air to atomize the fragrance oil into the air. Due to the use of mechanical working principle, the equipment has a certain noise, control within the standard range, does not affect the work and use environment. The device includes personal incense expanding machine, large space incense expanding machine, directly used on site incense expanding machine and large fragrance machine which needs to be connected with the fresh air outlet of the air conditioner.
The function of the perfume expander is to directly atomize the fragrance essential oil and improve the air quality and fragrance of the space environment. It is mainly used in business space, such as hotel lobby, club, bank, office lobby, exhibition hall, 4S car shop and other business space. Personal incense expander is mainly used in automobile, outdoor, small conference, party, etc.
Ultrasonic aromatherapy machine
Ultrasonic aromatherapy machine is a kind of aromatherapy equipment which adopts high quality food grade oil resistant PP material, and uses the principle of high frequency ultrasound and high frequency vibration to atomize water and fragrance essential oil, and diffuses it into the air, so as to improve air quality and promote physical and mental health.
Aroma humidifiers break down water molecules and dissolved plant essential oils into nanoscale cold fog, 0.1 to 5 microns in diameter, and discharge them into the surrounding air, filling it with fragrance. After winter heating, there will be dry lips, hoarse throat, dry mouth cough, dry skin, nosebleeds and other "warm dryness" symptoms. The aromatherapy machine atomizes water and pure plant essential oils in a variety of ways to maintain high humidity in the bedroom and produce a certain amount of nature