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Star hotel lobby so fragrant choose what kind of fragrance
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Star hotel lobby so fragrant choose what kind of fragrance

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The use of fragrance is more and more extensive, fragrance is generally used in public places such as: hotels, guesthouse, KTV, bars, large shopping malls, clothing stores, beauty salons, etc. The pursuit of taste of life of the crowd will also use fragrance at home, in addition to cover up the smell of pets or just finished decoration smell.
In the choice of daily sweet type, what are commonly used? Let's have a look!!

1. Flowers: such as cherry blossom, magnolia, blue rose, red rose, orange blossom, blue wind chime, etc
Flowers will be relatively strong, when in a particularly tense, stuffy environment, can effectively improve the tension, relieve pressure, calm face life, work. Can soothe the brain nerve, can make the person energetic, wake up the brain bright eyes. Can let the emotional trauma of the mind to be pacified, can also stabilize the emotional excitement. At the same time, it has a refreshing effect. Chest stuffy and urgent, dizziness, palpitations irritable restless, have calming effect.
Flowers can use the female to come in and out more places commonly, be like beauty parlor, clothing store, health club, the woman is like a flower, the woman also loves a flower.
2, wood: such as Renaissance, Yushan wood incense, sandalwood, green, fly over, ruby, etc
Woody fragrant series is relatively a few weak sweet model, can inspire depressed heart, help meditate, appease spirit tension and anxiety. Refreshing, cheerful mood, improve anxiety, tension and other negative emotions, can bring infinite vitality. The spirit is soothing and the mood is pleasant. Purify indoor air, remove odor. It's also known to improve memory, boost morale, and fight depression.
Mushu is relatively more business style, deep introverted and temperament, like some meeting rooms, or the office of this kind of place is more appropriate mu and tea.
3. Fruit aroma: guava, lemon, style, morning, white park, etc.
The fruity series can make nerves