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Origin and development of aroma scent machine
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Origin and development of aroma scent machine

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In fact, aroma scent machine is used early in ancient times, especially palace. It is a kind of indispensable onefold product almost. Good fragrance and perfume also are symbolizing position and glory. People takes the pure and fresh fragrance in the plant seriously. pay attention to experience aesthetic feeling and gustatory enjoyment.

However, modern aroma scent machine was born at the end of last century. A woman in a five-star hotel in Los Angeles accidentally spilled perfume on the carpet while wearing it there that when the cleaner with a large number of cleaning products can't treating, report to the supervisor, when director opened the door into the room, be being attracted deeply by perfume tell cleaners to stop cleaning, asking the smell of perfume, hotels try to use perfume to decorate, after a period of time, obtained the customer good feedback, so from then on, aroma scent machine came. Then it was introduced into Europe and other parts of the world from the United States.

Up to now, at any time the ground of science and technology develops, each function of aroma scent machine is more and more perfect also, already achieved intelligence. In addition to hotels, it is also used in clothing chain stores, beauty salons, KTV, bars, hotel corridors, guest rooms, conference rooms, tea restaurants, tea bars, coffee shops, rooms, exhibition halls, toilets, sparrow rooms, wedding parties, study and other places.