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4 kinds of common sweet atmosphere machine is introduced
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4 kinds of common sweet atmosphere machine is introduced

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Marketing is a trend today, fragrance, hotel aroma scent machine used more widely, and the hotel as the fifth largest group of customers aroma scent machine, occupy the whole expansion machine market 70% of sales, while sales of other channels also has the rising trend, such as song KTV rooms, real estate sales offices, office buildings, shopping malls, 4 s shop, beauty center, etc.

There are four kinds of perfume machine according to the installation mode: central air conditioning fragrance system, vertical fragrance machine, wall hanging fragrance machine, ceiling suction fragrance machine, of course, there are also multi-functional (mainly central air conditioning, vertical, wall hanging as one of the multi-functional fragrance machine). Customers can choose a suitable fragrance equipment according to the environment they need to expand incense. 4 kinds of common sweet atmosphere machine is introduced, what advantage does respective have?

1, Central air conditioning system: sweet atmosphere Gu Mingsi righteousness is used to connect to the central air conditioning, the expansion of incense machine is mainly suitable for large space of flavoring for example: star-rated hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, etc., gm will add incense machine connected to the central air conditioning or fresh air system, after atomization of essential oil as air conditioning wind, spread to the designated area space deficiency: This installation method of the incense machine must require the central air conditioning operation all the year round, if the central air conditioning is closed, the fragrance can not be discharged into the space, its advantage is that it can be a large area of incense, fragrance more uniform.

Vertical scent machine: this kind of fragrance machine design sense is relatively strong, the appearance of fashion and generous, with the space decoration of the fit is very high, do not worry about in the space appears abrupt. But this kind of expansion machine does not apply to the central air conditioning, and expand the space is not large, sweet atmosphere vertical machine in the position of put also to have certain requirements, need good ventilated air assist flavored, in order to achieve the effect of more even fragrance, is generally not choose inside corner singer narrow airless space, so that it will not spread out fragrance.

Wall-Mounted scent machine: this kind of flavoring machine shape similar to automatic casting machine, is suitable for many complex situations, because put vertical sweet atmosphere to attract children's attention and touch, cannot assure safety and normal use of the machine where you can choose to hang on the wall add incense machine, because the fixed on the wall of a certain height, don't worry about artificial damage or loss.

Ceiling-Installed machine: This kind of sweet atmosphere machine more delicate and cabinet, more widely movement in toilet and so on some floors within 4 meters high, and the requirements to install client, although the appearance of the sweet atmosphere machine is more and more beautiful, but the customer will still be the pursuit of more perfect visual effect, the expansion of fragrant type suction a top machine installed on the ceiling, don't walk open wire, beautiful generous, is a lot of pursuit of the perfect customer choice.

The introduction of machine of 4 kinds of above aroma scent machines advantages and disadvantages, can let a customer when choosing different sweet atmosphere equipment, choose an appropriate sweet atmosphere equipment according to environment and actual situation, but on the whole must consider to add sweet effect first, consider installation environment again next.