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Instruction for correct use of aroma S500 incense expanding machine
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Instruction for correct use of aroma S500 incense expanding machine

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Equipment introduction: Medium area aroma scent equipment, PP plastic material, light weight. Front door design, easy to change essential oil, can be connected to the air conditioning system or independent placement or wall. Built-in strong fan, fan outlet can be hidden and raised, the wind blows forward to expand incense more quickly and obviously. 4 groups of working time can be set, aroma concentration can be set arbitrarily. The continuous operation of air pump can reach more than 10000 hours.


How should I use the incense expanding machine after receiving it? Instructions for the correct use of the incense expanding machine:

Connect the POWER adapter and insert one end of the POWER adapter into the DC POWER IN plug of the device
The LCD screen displays the operating state of the system when entering the power socket.

ON/OFF: Display ON means that the device is in the running time period, display OFF means that it is not in the time period.
WORK/PAUSE: Display "WORK" means the machine is in working state. Display "PAUSE" means the device is in paused state.

Device control

Device Settings allow for four run periods, and device days can be selected based on a number of options.
[Mode]: Switch different page options, including system time, first time period start time, first time period stop time, aroma concentration. The second time start time, the second time stop time, aroma concentration. The start time of the third period, the stop time of the third period, the aroma concentration. Start time of period 4, stop time of period 4, aroma concentration. Long press 15 seconds to restore factory Settings.
[SET]: Enter the setting state, you can skip to the current page setting content: including time, date, concentration, etc.

[UP]: fine-tune UP, you can adjust the current time period data, work date selection.
[Down] : Fine tuning DOWN, you can adjust the time period data, fragrance data, working date selection.
Set the running time and adjust the aroma concentration

Press the [Mode] button for the first time: the LCD screen displays [EVE 1 ON] the starting time of the first period flashing by [SET] hours to adjust the hours by [UP/DOWN]; press the [SET] minutes flashing for the second time to adjust the scores by [UP/DOWN]. Press [SET] the working day number for the third time to flash, and adjust the working day through [UP/DOWN].
(Note: Each time period can only select the week in the open time period)
Press [MODE] button for the second time: the end time of the first period of [EVENT 1 OFF] will be displayed on the LCD screen. Press [SET] key to enter adjustment, and adjust the hours and minutes by [UP/DOWN].
Press the [Mode] button for the third time: The LCD displays [SCENT/WORK] to set the working time of the machine for each SCENT cycle. From 5 seconds to 300 seconds, it can be adjusted for 5 seconds at a time by [Up/Down]. [SCENT PAUSE] sets the device's PAUSE time from 5 seconds to 300 seconds per cycle. Press [UP/DOWN] to adjust the PAUSE time for 5 seconds. Continue pressing [MODE] until all 4 periods are set.
① (The functions of time periods 2, 3 and 4 are the same as those of time period 1)
② (When the running time is set, the shutdown time cannot precede the startup time. If the run period needs to span 00:00, set two periods separately.)
Set system time
Adjust the equipment time and use time consistent with the current time, the system time is 24-hour system.
Press [SET] key for the first time: the number of hours during the period flashes, and press [UP/DOWN] to adjust the hours.

Press [SET] button for the second time: The hour is SET, the minutes flash, SET the score, and press [UP/DOWN] to adjust.
Press [SET] button for the third time: After the minutes are adjusted, the current working day beats. Set the working day, and press [UP/DOWN] to adjust.
Press [SET] button for the fourth time to confirm that the system time is SET.
◆ If it is not necessary to set separate time period, press [MODE] key to enter [SECNT] directly after setting the first time period
The WORK mode.
◆ Important reminder: [MODE] key long press about 15 seconds, restore factory Settings. Factory setting mode: work every day from 08:00 to 22:00, work for 60 seconds, pause for 60 seconds.
◆[Date option] : You can choose the combination of working days.
(Mon - Wed) (Tue - Thu) (Mon - Fri) (Sat - Sat) (Mon - Sat) (Mon - Sat) (Mon - Sat) (Mon - Sat) (Mon) (Tue) (Wed) (Thu) (Sat) (Sat) (Sat) (Mon - Wed) (Sat) (Sat) (Mon - Wed) (Sat) (Sat) (Mon - Wed.
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