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The application case of fragrance system in airport waiting hall
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The application case of fragrance system in airport waiting hall

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With the rapid development of China's civil aviation industry, the mainstream enterprises in the civil aviation industry have introduced fragrance experience in the airport departure hall. The aromatic and rich aroma allows the passenger to feel the distinguished olfactory service. Scientific practice has proved that the accuracy of olfactory memory is more sensitive than the accuracy of vision. Through the aroma, it can create situational association and memory between the airport scene and the passenger, help the passenger remember the brand and help them to make a second transaction. So while spending huge amounts of money on airport designs, unique scents are added to stimulate the smell of the passengers to remember the brand.

Guangzhou Aroma -- the world's top ten fragrance equipment manufacturers, ten years of focus on the scent machine customization manufacturers
It is an effective way to provide passengers with comfortable travel experience through fragrance communication, help you improve brand awareness, enhance consumer loyalty to the brand, and improve customer conversion rate. Today, I want to share with you the airport waiting room fragrance system application engineering case!

Combined with Xiamen Airlines culture and Minnan culture, we developed our own fragrance for Xiamen Airlines fragrance project. "Blue Dream" has become the personalized "Xiamen Airlines fragrance" with its dynamic ocean atmosphere.

Blue sea breezes are associated with blue dreams. Waves roll out of fine white foam, and the air is filled with the fresh smell of sea salt and water mist. The unique natural mineral smell of the cliff, mixed with the woody scent of sage. Freedom, energy and indulgence. Be in it, open your senses, accept all the natural elements of the world, and then blend in, enjoy peace and harmony, start to think, all the beautiful dreams can be realized in your mind, just like being in the scene.

Every moment I smell it, I feel I have a different feeling. The breeze is gentle. Just like feeling the lazy and comfortable Xiamen coast in the fresh sea breeze. Natural and quiet tea fragrance, open up the field of fragrance, get rid of troubles, enjoy the tranquility of natural tea fragrance, comfort body and mind.

Fresh lemon, orange peel, bergamot harmony with kudzu bamboo, rhubarb; Green tea, mint, jasmine, carnation, anise, light as morning dew; A delicate bouquet of birch moss, musk and white amber. The essence of the green tea is extracted and a pleasant sea breeze blows. Ceylon white tea has a cool, sensual taste, while verbena and Baltic amber have a light, warm, book aroma. Cold but not alienated, quietly elegant and clear heart, interwoven with the aroma, away from the noisy world of tea garden, listen to the flow of time.