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What does the hotel lobby smell like? Why does it smell so good
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What does the hotel lobby smell like? Why does it smell so good

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High-end five-star hotels have all the features, distinguished concierge service, beautifully designed rooms, soft pillows and mattresses. They also use your senses to provide eye-catching design, lighting, and specially planned music. All of these tools are used to stimulate the viewer's senses, creating powerful experiences and memories. However, there is also a very attractive part, from the moment you step into the hotel lobby, the charming fragrance into your olfactory nerves is unforgettable. Want to know what's the secret to the feeling behind it? Yes, what really relaxes and pleases you is the scent of the hotel's fragrance system.

If the hotel to create web celebrity met also to punch the charming fragrance
Smell is the holy grail of the senses. It has a huge impact on people, and most of the time you don't even realize it. But it's just like a sign that the hotel is creating a positive, quiet guest experience through the use of the hotel's aromatic fragrance. When it comes to the brain, smells are more accurate than images. You may have forgotten that you saw it in a luxurious and stunning hotel room, but you won't forget how it made you feel. It gives you the feeling that the aromas are very tightly connected. Successful hotel brands are using this knowledge to better promote their brands.

A common type of fragrance in a successful hotel. 

Spend a lot of time developing and selecting the perfect fragrance for a hotel. For example, rosewood, green tea, fresh rainwater, and even the smell of soil like tobacco. Resorts or hotels offer relaxing and quiet suites and rooms that focus on quieter scents such as lavender and chamomile. Hotels can also take a risk and try to create their own unique and pleasing scent to differentiate themselves from other brands.

If you also fantasize about a special hotel experience, the Aroma Small-Size Scent Machine can be taken home and used to spread the scent throughout the room.