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Hotel lobby scent machine commonly used several fragrance essential oil
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Hotel lobby scent machine commonly used several fragrance essential oil

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The most memorable thing about a hotel is not only the decoration style that has a certain impact on the vision, but also the pleasant fragrance space. Now smell marketing is also being applied by more and more corporate brands, enterprises have used their own "space fragrance" to convey their brand connotation. In practice, the most leading is the hotel industry. Almost all international high-end hotel groups have their own "smell". Let's take a look at several fragrance oils commonly used in the hotel lobby fragrance machine.

  1. Gardenia Fragrance Essence Oil: It can improve sleep and relieve anxiety and has a more significant effect on failing heart.
  2. Grapefruit essential oil: have the action that makes anger most, sweet atmosphere can alleviate tension degree appropriately further.
  3. Wishing Elf: from the essence of peach extraction, peach has healthy skin, clear stomach, lung, expectorant function; Synergistic with cedar, resin originally light fragrance - turpentine taste, and sandalwood taste similar, for respiratory tract has a very good cough-relieving phlegm characteristics.
  4. Jasmine: its fragrance has been loved by the public, so that the space more elegant at the same time, can also strengthen the ability of the body to deal with complex environment.
  5. Orange: deeply loved by white-collar workers, the fragrance of orange can further improve work efficiency, eliminate the oppression of office workers in the office, at the same time exercise in the hotel fragrance can ease the tension and restlessness of travelers.
  6. Cinnamon: The psychedelic fragrance of cinnamon makes people pessimistic and optimistic, and makes them feel free and relaxed. Children and pregnant women should not smell the fragrance of the hotel.
  7. Lemon: a refreshing and natural essential oil, this fragrance can protect people from the psychological stress caused by the inner environment and eliminate worry.
  8. Bamboo: Bamboo is also called Luoyang flower. Not only a kind of very good-looking ornamental plant, in the application of sweet atmosphere essential oil also is very popular, carnation sweet can strengthen memory, in order to be at the advantage of better bear internal information.
  9. Geranium: This geranium-like plant gives out a scent that can strengthen one's confidence and resolve to change indecisive style.
  10. Ginger: Strong ginger flavor can improve stress ability, eliminate fatigue, strengthen perseverance.
  11. Lavender: dream of fragrant clothes is insomnia patients "good medicine", improve depressive symptoms and hysteria, remove tension, calm the liver and fire, inhibit aggressive excitement.