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The effect of hotel fragrance on the hotel
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The effect of hotel fragrance on the hotel

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The first 10 minutes of a person entering a new environment are used to acclimatise, and for better or worse, it will leave a clear impression on guests. So many people will add a little perfume to themselves before the customer, so as to leave a good impression to the customer, then the hotel fragrance management in the hotel is also very important, so let's take a look at how odor experts tell the hotel fragrance in the hotel can also achieve the effect of fragrance water marketing. Hotel fragrance on the role of the hotel!

Guangzhou Aroma -- the world's top ten fragrance equipment manufacturers, ten years of focus on the fragrance machine customization manufacturers
The hotel business consensus is that the first 10 minutes of a hotel stay, for good or ill, will leave a clear impression on guests. As a result, how to create a good "brand impression" in the first 10 minutes, before the core service content is presented to the customer, has become a research topic in the hotel industry. After the development of traditional visual marketing and sound marketing, smell has become another sensory experience of the hotel's new "invasion". Smell marketing (also known as fragrance marketing) has become a new topic in the field of marketing.

Odor experts believe that the nose is one of the most sensitive organs in the human body and one of the senses most closely associated with memory and emotion. The use of smell is the most effective way to gain a customer's perceptual experience. For the hotel, the use of pleasant fragrance to touch the olfactory nerves of customers, thereby promoting positive emotional and behavioral responses of customers, this is undoubtedly a smart marketing tool.
Foreign hotels first extend the boundaries of perfume marketing to people's sense of smell, with a specific smell to attract consumers' attention, memory and identity, and finally form consumption. Many foreign hotel management groups or personalized hotels have had a big impact on people's sense of smell. This change in brand marketing has also affected major international brand hotels -- Sheraton, Shangri-La, Marriott, Continental, etc.

However, no matter what kind of marketing mode, will eventually take the same road, the ultimate goal is to improve the customer's awareness of the brand, and ultimately achieve consumption, fragrance marketing is no exception. Hotel lobby perfume in the first few years experienced a pure marketing means of the stage, the hotel on the application of perfume for a more in-depth thinking, and according to their own brand and unique customer status, the design of the corresponding "fragrance label", the brand into the hotel exclusive perfume, so that customers "smell the brand".

Guangzhou Aroma -- the world's top ten fragrance equipment manufacturers, ten years of focus on the fragrance machine customization manufacturers
This is the role and importance of fragrance to our hotel. Hotel fragrance is committed to space fragrance removal odor, with professional perfume equipment, environmental protection and high quality aromatherapy essential oil, always take care of your living environment, if you also have space odor annoying, might as well understand the fragrance marketing, understand the space to add fragrance, may help you solve your trouble.