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What is the reason why the incense expanding machine does not spray
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What is the reason why the incense expanding machine does not spray

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The perfumer is used more and more widely, no matter in the entertainment places with noisy smoke and wine smell or the working environment with depressed atmosphere, or in the public places such as the beautiful and elegant restaurants, 4S stores, hotel lobbies, clothing stores, shopping malls and so on, the perfumer is suitable for use. Today, Aroma will tell you the common problems in the use of scent machine: what is the reason why the scent machine does not spray?

1, The perfumer can not be used with electricity, can not be used with electricity is the equipment is broken, need to repair or replace one.

2, Under the condition that the incense expanding machine is powered on and the display screen is bright, it is necessary to check whether the fog mouth is blocked. If it is blocked, it is necessary to vent the mist mouth.

3, Check the refined oil bottle of the scent machine for damage, no oil or too much oil. Welcome to another article by Aroma: How to add fragrance essential oil to the scent machine? What should I pay attention to?

4, If the above three conditions are confirmed to be no problem, it should be the atomizing core is damaged. It is recommended to replace or repair the atomizing core.

What are the reasons for the oil accumulation in the mist mouth of the incense expanding machine?

1, The quality problem of sweet atmosphere clear oil, inferior essential oil smells pungent not only, with long still can cause damage to the machine.

2, The quality problem of the atomizing head is that the atomizing strength of the atomizing head is not enough. The atomized essential oil molecules are relatively large and easy to stay at the exit. If the atomizing head is not used with aluminum alloy, it is also easy to deposit oil. At present, the better quality is the atomizing head of aluminum alloy, which does not block, does not leak oil and does not clean.
If there is oil accumulation in the atomizing mouth, it is recommended to regularly use alcohol or detergent to clean the atomizing core, or replace the atomizing core.