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How to create a five-star hotel fragrance - fragrance machine manufacturers online answer
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How to create a five-star hotel fragrance - fragrance machine manufacturers online answer

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Many guests who have stayed in large hotels do not know where the hotel fragrance comes from. In fact, the hotel perfume and other fragrant public places, most are looking for professional perfume company to provide perfume services. For example, Guangzhou Aroma technology CO., LTD., the world's top ten scent equipment manufacturers. According to the need to add fragrance atmosphere and the design of the site style of debugging custom flavored, and of the hotel's expansion incense equipment - sweet atmosphere add incense machine, with exquisite appearance, with exquisite ornament design style collocation, part of the hotel or compare sweet atmosphere machine installed in hidden places, For example, above the revolving door, such as the ceiling socket, such as the hotel computer room.
There are many ways to add fragrance to a hotel. It is important to choose the right way to add incense and aromatherapy essential oils. Improper choice of perfume can lead to the loss of customers, because of the way of adding perfume is wrong, some places may smell is too strong and smoked away the guest, some place without fragrance, so added sweet place of use of aromatherapy oil is very important, as the world's ten biggest sweet atmosphere equipment manufacturers of Arnold has ten years of experience in spiced, as we know, The pleasant fragrance can make people feel fresh and natural, and help to relieve the pressure of guests. The scent of the guest should be a subtle fragrance that does not make sensitive guests uncomfortable. Is the right thing to do.

According to the current situation, the hotel's fragrance system is mainly installed in public places and part of the rooms, a small number of rooms are most used in the side of some non-fire aromatherapy, and most of the fragrance system is not the same brand, using the market aromatherapy companies or big skin care companies spare products.
More and more hotels choose domestic fragrance system, not only the price advantage, more is intelligent, modern operation, maintenance is also more convenient. For example: Sofitel, Shangri-La, Sheraton, Jinjiang Hotel and other large brand chain hotels, slowly biased toward the domestic production of fragrance system.
Sweet atmosphere system suppliers, according to the hotel and other customer requirements, design of fragrance scent sweet atmosphere equipment collocation, in general, you enable SI, olfactory recognition system of hotel chains, such as langham (jiang hua), shangri-la, sandalwood, musk, vanilla, westin, white tea, sweet atmosphere of all hotel chains are similar, but not necessarily so other hotel.
As each hotel has a different purpose, some want visitors to enter a unique hotel in the world, which has a familiar "home" feel. And some hotels want to avoid a dull feeling when guests enter a new store, they get an adventurous experience.