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Market and hotel use the importance of fragrance system? How to choose appropriate it?
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Market and hotel use the importance of fragrance system? How to choose appropriate it?

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Many mall hotel management companies do not understand the use of fragrance system and even some have not heard of it. What benefits can the use of fragrance machine bring to mall hotels may only have some shallow understanding. Frying is to add fragrance to the space of the place of use. Why use space fragrance system? Air freshener is not the same as air freshener. And low cost, spraying a few times on time can be, the following Aroma staff to tell you why star hotels and high-end shopping malls will install incense system, add incense for space?
Shopping malls and hotels are service places where goods are sold to customers. In such places, we can see big, beautiful advertisements, fancy promotions and, of course, soft music. The place that consumes as the public, its main purpose is to make money, and afore-mentioned practice is to increase consumption desire, the main purpose that uses sweet atmosphere system is to use olfactory marketing, brand marketing, increase customer memory, generation consumer impulse.

Shopping malls and hotels generally have a large price gap according to different grades, so there are high-end shopping malls and ordinary shopping malls; The difference between high-grade star hotel and ordinary hotel. In upscale places, in the face of soft music and proper temperature, fresh fragrance will make customers feel comfortable and increase their high "expensive" feeling. Therefore, the correct use of perfume system in shopping malls and hotels and the selection of special perfumes can enhance customers' consumption desire, improve service quality and customers' brand memory! This effect cannot be achieved by spraying air fresheners and inferior aromatherapy oils.
How to choose appropriate fragrance, the magical place of sweet atmosphere, we often get drunk together. A high quality fragrance creates a dreamy feel that seems to bring one into a dream, but suppose this is a bad fragrance...... How to use sweet atmosphere system correctly, the fragrance that the choice suits brand positioning, it is a knowledge, reasonable installation position, appropriate sweet, reasonable fragrance concentration and add sweet time, need professional sweet atmosphere stylist will complete. The essential oil of Aroma fragrance oil adopts pure imported essential oil originally, butler type service, help you design the most suitable space fragrance.