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Advantages of using incense expanding machine in five-star hotels
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Advantages of using incense expanding machine in five-star hotels

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The origin of the aroma scent machine:
In fact, space fragrance has been used as early as ancient times, especially in the royal palace, which is almost an indispensable single product. Good aromatherapy and spices also symbolize status and glory. People pay attention to the refreshing flowers distributed in plants, and pay attention to the aesthetic feeling and taste enjoyment.

However, the modern scent machine was born at the end of the last century, at first, a woman in a five-star hotel in Los Angeles, the United States, when she used perfume inside the hotel accidentally spilled perfume on the floor.

When check-out cleaners use a lot of clean cleaning items didn't also the way to deal with this fragrance, so check with supervisor, when director opened the door into the room was deeply attracted by this perfume, commanded the cleaners work stop, and ask about the smell of perfume, perfume of the hotel try to experiment, after a period of time, get the customer good feedback, and in this way, Space incense machine came out, then spread from the United States to Europe and the world has been widely used.

Advantages of five-star hotels using incense extender:
What are the advantages of using an incense machine in a hotel? First of all, we need to know the purpose of the scent machine. As the name implies, it is to diffuse the aroma to achieve the effect of filling the room with fragrance. By placing the essential oil in the scent machine, the aroma of the essential oil is broken down into small molecules and transmitted to the air.

So what are the benefits of spreading perfume in hotels? First of all, it can create a natural environment for the hotel to play a wide range of aromatic environment.
Secondly, because the hotel is a public place, all the population density change constantly, because the density of population and the environment will affect the taste of hotel customer experience, and at this point, the expansion of incense machine can have the effect of deodorant/in addition to the peculiar smell, can eliminate the odor of public places, the use of plant essential oil fragrance, elegant and pure and fresh atmosphere, From the smell to leave a memorable memory, in order to enhance the customer's good impression of the hotel.