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How long the scent machine can be used
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How long the scent machine can be used

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The service life of scent machine is basically concerned with the quality of scent machine. Service life of the scent machine of the general brand on the market is 1-2 years about, guarantee period is a year only, but the service life of individual scent machine can amount to 6-10 years, guarantee period is 2-3 years; The chip of the quality of sweet atmosphere machine and sweet atmosphere machine and atomizer have very big concern. The service life of domestic fragrance machine chip is only about 1/3 of that of imported ultra-long life movement, the service life of ordinary atomizer is also very short, some are only about a year, and the service life of aluminum alloy atomizer is more than 10 years. Need to ensure the service life of scent machine exceeds 3 years, it is necessary to buy the scent with a good quality. When buying scent machine, choose a good manufacturer.

The service life of scent machine and daily use are maintained concerned, want to ensure the stability of use power source above all, run normally in order to ensure the machine, and the normal life of machine control panel and movement. The scent machine with poor quality still needs to undertake maintenance and cleaning regularly to scent machine every two months, need to change atomizer component sometimes in order to maintain the normal state of sweet atmosphere machine; The atomizer of high quality fragrance machine is made of aluminum alloy, which requires only occasional maintenance and cleaning and does not need to replace the atomizer component of fragrance essential oil. Accordingly, the service life of the scent machine of different quality is different, this depends on the decision of buyer.

How to buy scent machine with good quality? Want to understand the brand of  scent machine and manufacturer above all, choose scent machine with high cost performance next; Another asked that many manufacturers give away free fragrance machines when they buy essential oils. How about the quality of the fragrance machine? In fact, to put it bluntly, this is a marketing tool, the sheep wool, because essential oils are consumables, a hotel in a bottle of at least a month, a year down at least a dozen bottles of left and right sides, many hotel chains, so many stores across the country, imagine that behind the market can realize how much profit, so in order to ensure that guest room can into the sweet atmosphere oil for a long time, The manufacturer will certainly carry on the maintenance to the fragrance machine, Guangzhou Aroma Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2012. Production base is located in the intersection between Chinese and western culture in the city of Guangzhou, the company a large number of flavoring machine manufacturing, expanding machine, sweet atmosphere, the company brings together industry advanced talents, for hotel add fragrant, fragrance atmosphere system of high-tech products has more than 10 years of technical experience, at the same time the company integrated design, research and development, production, sales, sweet atmosphere oil. Companies with high quality and scientific quality management system, with high quality imported raw materials, supplies and top flavourists digital software lab, flavouring equipment, the company's products through 9001 quality system certificate, the international certification, inspection report, the FC certification, eu CE certification, China manufacturing inspection certification and other certification authority. We also cooperate with many famous fragrance companies around the world to create an incomparable world of fragrance for consumers around the world who are pursuing a high quality of life. With strength and high quality products. Aroma has won the recognition of the majority of partners.