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Can fragrance machine essential oil be used casually
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Can fragrance machine essential oil be used casually

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Aroma scent machine oil cannot be used casually. Scent machine for essential oil has the certain requirement, can only be used for purification of essential oils, and cannot be used against the water, fragrance atmosphere is made up of a series of hotel expansion machine fragrance system. At present, the hotel scent machine technology has been basically perfect, expanding machine equipment of sweet atmosphere system is stable and reliable, low running cost, equipment basic don't occupy position, It does not affect the layout of the original facilities, and there is no need to add new infrastructure in use. Hotel scent machine equipment can realize the intelligent management and expansion, and can according to need to enlarge environment, free Settings and length of time, concentration of aroma fragrance and use frequency and so on the disposable program set, can also according to the case 1 ~ 2 days to recuperate good test, repeat atomization, the cycle frequency use Settings, and so on, use rise very convenient and quick, no need manual inspection, No need for special maintenance, only need to change the essential oil regularly once a month. The fragrance machine is suitable for hotels, clubs, gyms, shopping malls, banks and other commercial places and home environment space. As a result of the difference of the factor such as industry, region, language, the nickname of equipment of sweet atmosphere system is not identical also.

10 types of essential oil commonly used in fragrance machine:
Green bamboo (fragrance: before adjusting peng, green leaves, ozone; Medium jasmine, apple, lily of the valley; Tail tune vanilla, amber);
Shangri-La (fragrance: pre-adjusted bergamot, vanilla, white rosin; Medium tone ambergris, violet leaves, cardamom, cedar, fir; Amber, musk, moss, sandalwood, patchouli);
White tea (fragrance: pre-blended tea, mugwort, bergamot, bitter orange, orange blossom; Medium pepper, cardamom and coriander; Amber, musk, rose, jasmine);
Aroma family No. 9 (fragrance: hyacinth, white musk in front, pink pepper, jasmine, vetiver, citrus in middle, iris in tail, amber, patchouli);
Natural flower (fragrance: pre-flavored bergamot, lemon, orange, grapefruit, pineapple, watermelon; Medium tone ivy, sandalwood, oak moss; Tune with agate, musk and honey. ;
Eternal charm (fragrance: pre-balsamic lemon, blackberry; Orange blossom and musk in medium notes; Patchouli and sandalwood in the tail);
Indian sandalwood (fragrance: rose, myrtle, cypress; Sandalwood and cedar in medium tone; Spices, amber, musk, rosewood);
Pastoral Light (fragrance: pre-blended tea, mugwort, bergamot, bitter orange, orange blossom; Medium pepper, cardamom and coriander; Amber, musk, rose, jasmine);
Oriental charm (fragrance: orange, grapefruit; Medium pepper, geranium; Patchouli, cedar, vetiver, benzoin);
Romantic Mediterranean (fragrance: pre-tone oak moss, citronella, lilac, sea fragrance; Medium mint, clove, sandalwood, sage, geranium, fennel seed, nutmeg; Musk, jasmine, cypress, vetiver, rock rose).