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Where should be installed of the scent machine?
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Where should be installed of the scent machine?

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With the application of space fragrance is more and more widely, especially the hotel fragrance, as the largest customer base of fragrance machine, accounting for more than 70% of the sales of fragrance equipment, other industries such as KTV, sales office, shopping malls, 4S stores, photo studio sales are also on the rise, which also promoted the development of space fragrance industry.

At present, there are a variety of perfumers on the market. According to the installation of sweet atmosphere equipment, we can be divided into: central air conditioning sweet atmosphere system, independent sweet atmosphere machine, wall hanging type sweet atmosphere machine, suction top type sweet atmosphere machine. The customer can choose different sweet atmosphere equipment according to his environmental demand. So let us introduce what advantages these fragrance machines have:

Fragrance system
1, central air conditioning fragrance system, the fragrance machine is mainly suitable for large space, such as star hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, etc. By grafting the central air conditioning or fresh air system, the perfumer is connected with the air conditioning pipe, so that the air can transport the atomized aroma essential oil to each area through the air conditioning pipe. The equipment must require the central air conditioner to operate all year round, because once the central air conditioner is turned off, the fragrance cannot be distributed. Its advantage is that it can emit fragrance in a large area, and the fragrance is more uniform.

  1. Independent perfumer, mainly suitable for the perfuming system which can not be installed through central air conditioning, with small area. The scent machine that places independently places the choice that the position has certain requirement, good airflow conduce to the diffusion of fragrance, achieve the effect with even fragrance thereby. In general, do not choose in corners or narrow Spaces to avoid fragrance nondiffusion.
  2. Wall-mounted aroma scent machine, similar in appearance to automatic perfume spraying machine, suitable for some places with many people. Independent placement of the fragrance will arouse children's curiosity and touch, can not guarantee safe and normal use. At this point, you can choose the wall-mounted aromatherapy machine. Because it is fixed to the wall, there is no need to worry about man-made damage or loss.
    4, Suction type incense machine, more delicate, mainly suitable for the toilet and the height of less than 4 meters, as well as the need for non-destructive installation of customers. Because the display and wall hanging will affect the visual aesthetic feeling. The scent machine that installed on the ceiling can solve this problem very well, it instals on the ceiling, does not go open line. Beautiful and generous.
    The introduction of the fragrance machine, so that customers can choose their own fragrance equipment according to their own environment, first consider the aroma effect, then consider the installation environment.