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The application and solution of fragrance system equipment in office building fragrance expanding machine
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The application and solution of fragrance system equipment in office building fragrance expanding machine

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Why to add incense to the office building

With the development of The Times and the change of human working mode, we have felt the gathering of people to the city. The inevitable process of urbanization development is the gathering of people and offices. High-grade office buildings, CBD and financial center property services are an important part of office operation and management! Office incense machine and high-grade office fragrance machine has become the standard for many high-grade office places!

How to apply office fragrance marketing

Office sweet atmosphere is one important purpose of strengthen into the companies and the office atmosphere, through the sweet atmosphere to create elegant and exciting atmosphere space smell, can help enterprises to improve the quality of foreign, better help office workers better improve work spirit, elegant fragrance, let people and various trade gathered themselves together, and a better feeling and looking forward to!

Nowadays, as the accumulation and development of urbanization, a line of office space, second-tier cities also realize the more mature market, the city has already formed the large and small business district, high-tech zone, startup hubs and other high-end enterprises gathered in this region, through the scent of office marketing (sweet atmosphere system equipment), also can improve the marketing effect of high-grade office space and office buildings, As cities compete for investment and talents, local governments are committed to building industrial agglomeration areas, making high-end office buildings the city's characteristics and business card.

Guangzhou Aroma specializes in office fragrance expansion and fragrance service one-stop solution. In our contacts with many clients, we can see that each city has its own proud business office cluster. Good fragrance system equipment fragrance machine expansion machine can help more high-end office fragrance to get more convenient, so as to provide help for the marketing and operation of the office building, fragrance to promote development!

What are the main incense areas in the office building

Of high-grade office building expansion area are mainly concentrated on the first floor reception hall and elevator hall, toilet and other public areas, the office building of the public areas using sweet atmosphere system/equipment/expansion of sweet sweet atmosphere machine machine add incense machine to connect to the central air conditioning, fresh air system, the fragrance of the elevator, corridor, etc can be evenly cover effect.
Office fragrance and incense in the main use of which fragrance
Senior office building, with financial center, information technology, multinational joint offices, etc., these business people need perfume to elegant and fresh, let a person feel relaxed and natural atmosphere! For office fragrances, Guanomar recommends fresh and natural floral and woody essential oils, such as white tea series, sandalwood series and citrus series.