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What important effect does fragrance have in star hotel
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What important effect does fragrance have in star hotel

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Hotel fragrance refers to the special equipment used to add fragrance in hotel lobbies, corridors, restaurants, swimming pools and other places. Hotel fragrance is very popular in foreign countries, especially in Europe and the United States, and appeared earlier!

Add fragrance role
The main role of hotel fragrance is not what people think to deodorize, more important is to let the fragrance inside the hotel, improve the customer experience effect, improve the hotel service level and brand competitiveness, more like a soft power promotion!" In fact, this is a widely accepted and loved marketing method in foreign countries - fragrance marketing! Generally speaking, a brand hotel group, under their leadership, all hotels will use the same flavor, of course, there are some hotels according to the local culture and seasonal changes and choose a variety of flavors, but there is also a certain uniformity in the use of fragrance.

The way of expanding incense
The hotel fragrance is just one of the spatial environment. The same kind of incense applies to all service enterprises. The hotel is the most popular. There are many ways to add incense in hotels, such as incense lamps, incense machines and so on, but the use of incense in general star hotels is realized through the incense transmission system." This kind of method is the last two years a kind of new add sweet means, the use of spices can be said to have the innovation of breakthrough and leap than before, it is plant essential oil or essence. Of course, most essential oils are compound oils, but these fragrances are safer and better than the old aromatherapy lamps, sprays, etc., which release chemical perfumes! The principle of adding incense and the way of distributing incense are also new breakthroughs. In this way, plant essential oils are atomized at room temperature and then atomized out of the central air conditioning through the hotel central air conditioning, and then reached the whole room along the central air conditioning pipeline. This is the use of high volatile essential oil, atomized out of the essential oil encountered rapid flow of air instant volatile components, into the air conditioner after evenly and do not stick to the pipe.
The earth's atmosphere is about 20 per cent oxygen, and the ancient atmosphere is about 38 per cent oxygen. So far, about 20.95 per cent oxygen in rural areas has not been polluted, while only 15 per cent oxygen remains in densely populated urban areas or highly industrial areas. Especially now that most of the buildings is the curtain design, the reinforced concrete structure, air conditioning closed space, generally poor ventilation, air oxygen content is more and more low, but the fact is that we rely on oxygen to support life plants absorb carbon dioxide, release oxygen coordinated use of light, oxygen generator, emissions from industrial plants, a large number of plants to cut, The ecological environment is gradually becoming worse. In this case, people have to stay indoors for a long time (on average, 80% of the time is spent indoors, and the indoor air quality is worse). Many people lose their health for a long time due to hypoxia