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What are the key areas of star hotels
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What are the key areas of star hotels

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Hotel lobby: The hotel lobby is the only place for guests to enter and exit, is the first space to receive guests, but also let guests have the first impression of the center of the hotel. The lobby is the hub of communication to the other public Spaces of the hotel and the hub of the entire hotel. Its design, and common atmosphere will directly influence the development of the hotel's abstraction and its own function. The lobby space of the hotel can be used as the working place for the various secondary organizations of the hotel front desk (such as concierge, baggage, reception, information, cashier, business center, etc.). It can also be used as a lobby, catering, conference and atrium. These functions often provide a good objective condition for the rich application of lobby space and the creation of fragrance in different places.

In the selection of hotel fragrance dispersion focus on the dispersion of several areas: hotel lobby, executive lounge, banquet hall, hotel conference center, rooms, gyms and so on. Other area can choose to apply sweet atmosphere.

Banquet Hall: The banquet hall is used for banquets, meetings, weddings and exhibitions, etc. Its application is characterized by short time, small quantity and concentrated flow of people, so there should be direct exit and independent entrance hall, and the odor and smoke smell in the banquet hall can be removed by fragrance step by step. When holding a banquet or wedding, you can also add a festive and fragrant environment, which is a good way to explain the theme center of each event to the guests.

Hotel Conference Center: Assumes the obligation to hold important meetings both at home and abroad. It is necessary to receive participants from different regions. There are many participants for each meeting. Fragrant aromas did not effectively relieve the feeling of stress in the space and improve participants' satisfaction and warmth.

Rooms: Rooms are secondary commodities sold by hotels. Good room merchandise includes rooms, equipment, supplies, and full room service. The room is the main consumer goods, should meet the various needs of the owner. Therefore, the room layout should be vulgar and beautiful, the equipment should be complete, warm and durable, the daily necessities should be convenient and complete, and the service items should be one-sided and thoughtful. Provide the host with clean and beautiful, provide the host with clean and beautiful, warm and safe temporary space. However, as the guest room belongs to the master's private space, not all the hosts like fragrance service. In some VIP rooms, you can ask the host if you can ask for fragrance before you check in, so you need to choose a portable fragrance instrument in the room, you can expand the fragrance with space fragrance according to the host's requirements.