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Star-rated hotel fragrance encounter beautiful scheming
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Star-rated hotel fragrance encounter beautiful scheming

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At the end of a day's exhausting journey, the hotel is a place to relax and rediscover your vitality. You can not only return to the hotel for a beautiful bath, but also enjoy the various services provided by the hotel. When passengers walked into the hotel was tired, the first feeling is the overall impression of the hotel, enough class, style, taste, whether in line with their own expectations, the first feel, is almost every time into luxury hotels, the oncoming is a quietly elegant fragrance, will enhance customer's impression of the hotel, good things always like people, The comfortable and pleasant fragrance deepens the impression of the hotel's beauty, high style and high taste to the guests, which is the careful machine hidden in the hotel fragrance. In the current hotel impression, sweet atmosphere quality seems drew the equals sign, and the level of hotel low-end small hotel, pub just to meet the demand for accommodation does not pay attention to check the quality, service experience, etc., so generally have no fragrance fragrance, part of the hotel needs a fragrance fragrance, but quality is poor, pungent fragrance of sweet atmosphere oil, tend to bring negative effect, For star hotel, space fragrance is the basic equipment, and will pay attention to the quality of the fragrance used at present.

How to judge the quality of fragrance, need to observe from different aspects, for the hotel, the quality of fragrance quality is the most direct feedback is the customer experience sense, affect the customer experience sense is mainly in the fragrance system of two parts: the quality of fragrance essential oil, fragrance equipment expansion intensity.

Fragrance oil is directly reflected by the quality of customer experience, a plant extract chemical blending of sweet atmosphere oil sensitization rate is high, the fragrance of cheap. It may feel uncomfortable if for a long time. The stand or fall of sweet atmosphere equipment affect the expansion of incense, expanding the scope of aroma, concentration of aroma, effect so it's important to choose a good expansion and good quality sweet atmosphere oil scent machine.

Guangzhou Aroma Technology CO., LTD., is committed to provide all kinds of high-grade indoor environment space sweet atmosphere, solution and service, with our passing nature as own duty, for the natural plant essence by trace, with simple and pure taste awaken you to nature yearning, let you enjoy the "away from nature, but it can taste the natural" fragrance experience.

Since its establishment in 2012, the company has been adhering to the high quality products to win the trust of customers. The spices used are in line with the spice production standards of the International Flavor Association. The company has removed harmful toxins and 26 allergenics, and does not add alcohol and other harmful chemical materials. Scent notes include floral notes, fruit notes, green leaves notes, citrus notes, water notes, wood notes, Oriental notes, fragrant notes, but also can be customized according to customer requirements in line with the personality of the brand fragrance. In terms of hardware equipment, innovative structural design is adopted to solve the industry's persistent diseases such as atomizing head blockage, oil leakage and uneven incense expansion. All atomizing air pumps are imported products, and the test runs for tens of thousands of hours without failure. For many domestic and foreign chain hotel incense designated suppliers, in addition to the government incense project, sales department incense, office incense, shopping malls incense, KTV incense and other fields have many cases.