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The use of home fragrance machine after the COVID
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The use of home fragrance machine after the COVID

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In July 2020, the epidemic has slowly passed, the clouds have dispersed, the world is clear, after the perception of this, people's life and hygiene habits have improved, more and more families pay more attention to family health and family environment, home fragrance machine is more and more popular. Adopts the international most advanced two fluid atomization technology, uses the compressed air high-speed flow principle, makes the fragrance essential oil changes the particle, reuses the ion high-speed rotary accelerator to separate the particle into the nanometer fragrance essential oil particle, then diffuses through the own diffusion system or the air conditioning system to come out.

Along with the development of intelligence technology, home fragrance machine can take advantage of the APP intelligent control, even if your not home or not sweet atmosphere beside the machine around the world have the freedom to control the machine work time and the concentration and so on, at present, star hotel, upscale clubs, office buildings and clothing brand chain store of sweet atmosphere is the principle for the space by using spice.

Home aroma scent machine applies not only to the family, is widely used in SPA, offices, shops, hotel guest room, hairdressing and small meeting now, appear on the market a lot of pirated copies the family of sweet atmosphere, if buy unqualified or 3 without family fragrance instrument products, not only waste the money, also because this type of product safety factors lead to the emergence of other accident. Accordingly, buy instrument of domestic sweet atmosphere, buy normal qualified, have quality guarantee certificate not only, choose to have the product that after service serves even. Today, Xiaobian for you to recommend Guangzhou Arnoma, Guangzhou Arnoma is a collection of research and development, design, production, sales in a fragrance machine enterprise, is the first company engaged in fragrance marketing planning and implementation of the company, is also the most valuable fragrance brand in China, has served tens of thousands of enterprise customers, obtain consistent high praise.

Set is a kind of sweet atmosphere system applied in space spiced appliances, collectively known as sweet atmosphere machine or spicy, sweet atmosphere initial use of the system is in the star hotel, and a lot of five-star hotel has its own unique flavor, aroma with "scent of a brand" a marketing effect, feel the benefits of fragrance, fragrance marketing has gradually more and more services, Beginning to slowly introduce the fragrance system, such as: beauty club, gym, large shopping malls, real estate sales department, of course, different industries, regions, languages, the fragrance system equipment nicknames are not the same, in general, there are mainly the following nicknames: Anomar incense machine, fragrance machine, fragrance machine, commercial aroma machine, fragrance machine, fragrance machine, fragrance system, aroma oil machine, fragrance machine, hotel fragrance, the application of the fragrance is also each has its own characteristics.