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Central air conditioning sweet atmosphere system (scent machine) a few common problems and solutions
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Central air conditioning sweet atmosphere system (scent machine) a few common problems and solutions

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Aroma -- the world's top ten fragrance equipment manufacturers, ten years of focus on adding fragrance machine customization manufacturers, with you to talk about: smell marketing space fragrance application (fragrance machine) central air conditioning fragrance system of some related problems and fragrance machine installation solutions.

1, Scent machine application place
Fragrance machine is generally used in some large commercial space to add fragrance to expand the scope of application, in order to change the air environment in the environment, eliminate peculiar smell, create fragrance with individual characteristics. The fragrance machine is mainly installed in shopping malls, hotels, high-grade office buildings, guesthouses, cinemas, KTV, Internet cafes, bars, cafes, villas, beauty salons and other business places.
2, how to install the central air conditioning fragrance machine, central air conditioning how to use aromatherapy
In communication with the customer and found that some customers don't know expansion system is actually a set of independent equipment, add incense machine is by double fluid for the oil atomization atomization technology into the fog spread into the air, the reason we call it the central air conditioning system or fresh air expansion of sweet sweet atmosphere, because with the help of the existing air conditioning or air duct, sweet atmosphere can be spread in the wider range and distribution, So as to achieve the fragrance effect of the whole space perfume.
3, Aroma central air conditioning fragrance system is not three products, the use of essential oil has an impact on human health?
Innovation and technology are the core competitiveness of enterprise development. Anomar owns many independent intellectual property rights and has obtained dozens of patent certificates. It has obtained many product qualification certificates and enterprise honors, such as: 9001 Quality Inspection System Certificate, International Certification Quality Inspection Report, American FC Certification, European CE Certification, Factory Inspection Certificate of Made in China, 3A Integrity Operation Demonstration Unit, 3A Credit, 3A Quality Service Unit, Pacific Insurance, Reabiding by Contract and Trustworthy Unit. No toxicity and no pollution.
4. How to install the fragrance machine of the central air conditioning fragrance system equipment and where are they installed?
According to the actual situation of the site,Aroma will give a reasonable installation plan for the incense expander and fragrance equipment. Conventional installation methods include the connection between the incense expander and the central air conditioning or fresh air system, or they are directly placed on the ground, hung on the wall, or installed by the suspended ceiling.

  1. Can the incense expanding machine be changed after a period of use?
    Arnold's sweet atmosphere machine design is a personal, enlarge fragrance incense machine equipment can replace the scent, and change the way is very simple, especially the plug type expansion machine, without removing the machine directly remove fragrance bottle replacement, and Aroma manasseh and dozens more sweet atmosphere oil scent for customers to choose, according to the use of different places, different seasons to choose the right scent, From the perspective of creating brand fragrance, Aroma suggests that you choose the right type of fragrance, long-term use and maintenance to establish customers' olfactory habits of the brand, the formation of memory to brand association.
    6. Installation and after-sales service of Aroma scent machine

Aroma has a professional sales team, has a systematic pre-sale and after-sales service, professional and dedicated attitude to service in the smell marketing, we provide door-to-door installation service in some areas, and debug out of customer satisfaction of the scent, our after-sales team has 7*24 hours a week online service. We provide one-to-one customer service and after-sales guidance services. In addition, Arnomar also provides on-site maintenance services such as cleaning equipment. Ensure good use of the machine to increase customer experience.