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Aroma smart scent machine hotel fragrance system incense machine wholesale
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Aroma smart scent machine hotel fragrance system incense machine wholesale

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Aroma sweet atmosphere equipment is to use the sweet atmosphere unique charm, by the visual, auditory extends to the sense of smell, in order to achieve a deeper level of communication, to beautify the environment with fragrance, let everyone into the sweet atmosphere space brought comfort and pleasure, enjoy the fragrance used in the hotel lobby, market hall, terminal and other services to increase customer's favor and affection.

In the sweet atmosphere scheme, intelligent devices can choose a different time period in accordance with the procedure due to different concentrations of sweet atmosphere particle diffusion into space, managers can choose according to your requirements of different types of aromatic essential oil, such as plant aromatic essential oil, sweet atmosphere oil, fruit sweet atmosphere oil, fragrance oil, theme sweet atmosphere oil and so on.

Aroma has a special R & D team appearance design, the use of beautiful lines and engineering aesthetics to design different styles of fragrance equipment, fashion and generous appearance, more easy to integrate into different decoration style, highlight the taste. The metal shell used is very textured, good wear resistance and long service life. The treatment of gloss, hardness, texture and line highlights the quality of anomar everywhere.

In the material selection, Aroma strictly controls, insists on the use of natural and environmentally friendly healthy raw materials, fragrance essential oil selection of the origin of the natural source material, to ensure that the fragrance essential oil gentle and quality.
Aroma smart scent machine by remote control APP, prepared in advance with time and concentration of aroma, more than a key machine maintenance management, especially in hotels, shopping malls, distributors, agents, engineering contractor, project manager using machines such as more maintainers, maintenance convenience simple, save time cost and guarantee the normal operation of the equipment.