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Aroma hotel automatic incense OEM production and processing
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Aroma hotel automatic incense OEM production and processing

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The use of the perfumer has greatly improved the air quality of people's living and working environment, improving the dirty air and adding fresh fragrance. The perfumer is a conceptual product with simple and beautiful appearance and simple operation. A button can be pressed to create a charming atmosphere. Widely used in hotels, office buildings, large shopping malls and other service places. How about the OEM production and processing of the automatic incense expanding of the Aroma Hotel?\

Aroma production base is located in Guangzhou, covers an area of 9000 square meters, production staff one hundred people, the production operation, multiple automatic production line for large shipments, meet the demand of the domestic and foreign customers a large number of production, to provide OEM/ODM custom services, add incense machine equipment, expansion machine oil, hotel sweet atmosphere system installation, expanding scheme of incense, With various sizes of fragrance products R & D production strength, there is a perfect pre-sale and after-sales system.

Since its establishment in 2012, the company has been committed to the design and implementation of fragrance diffusion system in hotels, shopping malls and other places. Arnold stand in the frontier science and technology innovation, Aroma sweet atmosphere system has its own research and development team, application of new technology breakthrough, has introduced a WIFI / 2 g smart sweet atmosphere system security products, currently has 2 g smart sweet atmosphere system, relative to the limited to the stability of the WIFI, 2 g smart sweet atmosphere system of 2 g network nationwide coverage for more than 95%, the network stability, It also has intelligent remote functions of WIFI system: one-key network, intelligent timing fragrance, intelligent adjustment of fragrance concentration, liquid level display, multi-machine binding, multi-machine setting, staff management, intelligent remote stable fragrance, convenient management and comprehensive maintenance.

Aroma ten years of brand, quality assurance, the company to sell the fragrance equipment products to provide 1-year free warranty and lifelong maintenance service. At the same time, we also have 24 hours of technical staff on duty maintenance, including hotline consultation, on-site maintenance, regular inspection, on-site training, etc. Aimed at creating exclusive olfactory brand for global enterprises, with elegant and pleasant fragrance, advanced and intelligent fragrance transmission system, and the understanding of quality fragrance, create a different world of fragrance, give global customers a new way to improve the brand attraction.