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Hotel fragrance KTV fragrance hotel lobby fragrance system
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Hotel fragrance KTV fragrance hotel lobby fragrance system

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Now many hotels add XiangDou is to use the hotel lobby, sweet atmosphere system using sweet atmosphere oil through the central air conditioning or bringing scattered wind system spread to places every corner, create a warm, elegant, lively atmosphere, from the Angle of the sense of smell, smell will subtly deepen the impression of places, people bring a unique feeling to the hotel, Let a person feel a kind of indescribable emotion in it, so how to really the hotel fragrance system better effect?

Aroma scent machine, fragrance oil production factory, for the global hotel, KTV, office buildings, subway, beauty salons, shopping malls and other places of sweet atmosphere system plan formulation and implementation, some large luxury hotel of sweet atmosphere system is different, with rich experience, we successfully installed numerous large and small sweet atmosphere system, according to the different style of the hotel, use place, The flexible operation of the project arrangement shows the unique brand style of the hotel and spreads the brand culture.

Aroma of more than 9000 square meters of production base is located in Guangzhou, more than 5000 square meters production workshop and modern automatic production line, has a perfect production system can undertake a large number of domestic and international OEM/ODM processing orders, volume to complete delivery on time, and logistics follow up, later period management and maintenance of product independent research and development center to master the core technology, Independent research and development production of fragrance equipment, suitable for different space size, can be used for large space to add fragrance, small space to add fragrance, home and so on. The software digital laboratory mixes different fragrance essential oils, which imperceptibly brings warmth and elegance to the space and makes people feel a feeling of affection inexplicably.