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Hotel incense shopping mall incense office scent machine
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Hotel incense shopping mall incense office scent machine

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Guangzhou Aroma Technology CO., LTD. Is a focus on hotel incense, shopping malls incense, office incense, incense machine equipment, incense machine production and processing enterprises, for our customers to provide fragrance smell design, fragrance brand marketing, indoor air care and air purification management program, Committed to providing environmental protection, safety, comfort, health, personalized space fragrance environment products and services for marketing and commercial space, to help customers improve the indoor air environment and quality.

Aroma from equipment manufacturing, scent selection, project design, construction arrangement, the late management maintenance to provide clients with one-stop space spiced housekeeper type service, depending on the place of air conditioning, ventilation equipment, demand analysis and give appropriate sweet atmosphere transmission system solutions, equipment at the same time provide a variety of sweet atmosphere, tens of thousands of kinds of types, choose, Can also be customized according to customer requirements of the exclusive fragrance.

The action that space adds scent
1. It can increase the aroma of the environment in the place, get rid of the dull feeling caused by external factors such as the weather, beautify the environment, make the mood happy, keep the mind clear, improve the working efficiency of the staff, and provide a comfortable environment for business conversation.
2. In the competition of similar brands, improve the service quality and level from the details. The natural and comfortable environment can purify the mind, make people calm, relax unprecedentedly, let people linger on.
3, improve the image of the brand/place, the unique exclusive fragrance makes people smell nostalgia, like bathing in fairyland, feeling different space environment, highlighting the unique temperament.
4, strengthen the brand label, deepen the memory of people who stop, love comes.
Improve the living environment and improve the quality of life.
Anoma hotel incense, shopping mall incense, office space incense process:
A. Determine the budget for the place to add incense.
B. Understanding of the installation site, through field investigation, online contact, telephone contact, video contact and other channels, mall plan, central air conditioning can be fresh air system plan.
C. The size of the incense area is reasonable. Choose the model number of the incense
D. The selection of fragrance type is based on the decoration style, crowd positioning and local customs of the mall
E. Installation and debugging, debugging of the time period of adding fragrance, and debugging of aroma concentration, etc
F. Explanation of management and maintenance knowledge, including matters needing attention in daily use
G. The shopping mall accepts and installs special after-sale personnel